Fatia Alydrus, 174 cm / 5’8.5″, Indonesian, born June 26th.

We Asked:

— What are three interesting facts about you?

When I get too happy, too excited or too stressed, like an extreme emotion or a sudden emotion, believe it or not, I’ll get a nose bleed. That’s for sure one of three interesting facts about me. I had to put this one right on my top list. “Isn’t it a situation that happens in films?” No, you can ask my friends, my math teacher (this one for too stressed), or a kitten that I met the other day.  Number 2 would probably that I just turned 19, and I never had a boyfriend before because I spent 99% of my time to study (OOFFF). I’m not that smart ass kid in class tho, but you know… I tried my best not to fail an exam. Last but not least, I can imitate the sounds of a drum machine with my mouth, like a beatbox.

— The most interesting thing about your family? Do you have siblings?

I have a very religious family. Although me and my sisters are sort of a mess and fucked up, our background is very Islamic. We’re half Arabian from my Dad. Imagine living with 4 girls in 1 house… Yea, that could be a warning for our mental health. I’m the 2nd child, typical middle child, I have this largely invisible scent. I could dye my hair to purple and I’m pretty sure no one will notice. My mom is a cop. She’s like the coolest person I know. She once met Jokowi, the seventh president of Indonesia. They were like shaking hands and Mr. President gave her a medal in front of everybody, live on the National TV. Like, c’mon? How cool is that? I can’t be around her anymore, she’s too cool for me.  My dad, he taught me how to work hard. I wasn’t born from a rich family but my dad worked so hard for me and my sisters to have a better life. And that’s the amount of respect I will never not have for my parents.
We have strict rules about how to dress in and outside the door. But I’m grateful that my parents surrounded me with a rich beautiful culture. I know, I don’t wear hijab.  And it sucks we didn’t always agree on that. But I’m proud to say that I’m a Muslim. I think you should always be proud of your culture no matter where you are or who you’re with. I understand it can be difficult sometimes but there’s absolutely no reason you shouldn’t be proud of who you are. I would love to wear hijab someday. I don’t want to forget where I belong, I want to express and embrace my identity. So sooner or later, I would love to wear a hijab.

— One thing people may be surprised to find out about you?

After I graduated from high school, I took a break from modeling. I continued my education in a military academy here in Indonesia. As a Cadet. It was a wish from my parents. I really want to make them happy, as much as I can.  So I was in a military academy for a while (and fun fact: that’s why my hair is pixie cut, I didn’t cut it, but the academy, they made me do it. So, I had to!). Ok back to the story: shorty story short, one day, me and my family decided to back off from that academy when shit happened. I’ve tried my best until I’m hospitalized. It was hard in the military academy. Damn it was tough. Everything is physical there. To be honest, I wasn’t happy, but I didn’t tell anyone about it cause I don’t want to upset anybody. I think nobody really knows this story of mine, even my friends. After I quit, I disappeared for a while because I was scared, I don’t know what I’m scared for, but I really was. I didn’t want to be seen by anybody. I felt so lost after what happened, it felt like I don’t even know myself anymore. Military academy life was tough, but I appreciate it. Cause I believe everything happens for a reason. And I wanted to thank my friends, my sisters and my family for supporting me and for helping me to get back to my feet. Technically, I came back to modeling in May 2019. And just like Bryson Tiller said, “I’m back and I’m better”.


Ivymodels (Jakarta – mother agency)



Shawkat Sanbar, 183 cm / 6’0″, American, born April 6th.

We Asked:

— What is something you wish you knew more about?

I want to know and do and see everything I can. Our time is so short and I’ve always had this feeling that I’ll know everything before my time’s up. Something about eating all the fruit off the tree.

— Something you are self-conscious about?

I’m pretty self-conscious about my posture. Sometimes when I’m in a social situation I get like hyper-aware of it and I start standing funny.

— Among your friends or family, what are you famous for?

I’ve always been told my voice is really soothing.


Photogenics LA (Los Angeles – mother agency)
Success Models (Paris)