Hanan Ibrahim, 182 cm / 5’11.5″, Australian, born April 4th.

We Asked:

— One thing people may be surprised to find out about you?

The movie Princess Diaries taught me how to speak English. I would memorise the lines and use them at school at the most inappropriate times. I could tell by the confused expressions on my peer’s faces that it wasn’t the time or place, haha.

— What are three interesting facts about you?

1. I work as a radiation therapist and it is my career outside of modelling.
2. My birth name was Ciara because I was born in my dad’s car-and the literal translation for Ciara in Arabic is ‘car’. Six months into my life my parents realised it was a bit meaningless to name their daughter after an inanimate object so they changed it to Hanan, which means ‘tenderness and compassion’.
3. Dave Chappelle is definitely my favourite comedian. His ability to combine high and low culture makes me connect with what he says because, let’s be honest, everyone is a bit bad and boujee. He inspires me to accept my flaws because he is not scared to show us his. And lastly, no other comedian will ever show the true realities of race in a manner that makes you think subjectively. He has helped me bridge the gap between cultures in the most ingenious ways.

— An issue or cause you are passionate about?

An issue that I am passionate about is making sure women feel empowered to succeed in their life, despite the world viewing them as unequal because of things like their religion, culture or race. My goal is to be a role model to those who, like me, are considered to be flawed in our society, whether it’s because of the color of my skin, the gap between my teeth, the hijab on my head, the faith I choose to follow or the way I choose to live my life. I want women to open up a magazine or watch a runway, see themselves, and understand that the things they consider to be flaws aren’t flaws, but are in fact what makes us unique and should be a source of strength rather than weakness. I want young women of colour to be able to look at themselves in the mirror and be proud of the woman staring back.


Chadwick Models (Sydney – mother agency)



Oskar Knickelbein, 185 cm / 6’1″, German, born December 3rd.

We Asked:

— Who is your favorite entertainer?

My favorite musician is DJ Koze. His music is relaxing and push me in a good mood. Just love his sweet house music.

— What is something you wish you knew more about?

I would like to know more about physics. Not the school stuff but the high level. Like theory of relativity quantum physics.

— How and when did you become a model?

I became a model last year when my agent scouted me at my sports training.


OM Management (Berlin – mother agency)