Lottie is a Cheshire lass with lots to grin about. This young English rose has awe inspiring facial features – great cheekbones, grey-green eyes and a delicate chin, and her presence has a gentleness that is alluring. Scouted while shopping with friends, Lottie is signed with Select London, always a reliable source of new Brit beauty.


Full Name:
Lottie Hayes

174cm / 5′8.5″
81 cm / 32″
61 cm / 24″
86 cm / 34″

Place of Origin:
Cheshire, UK

Date of Birth:
January 5


Mother Agency:
Select Model Management

  • So pretty! I would love to see her in the next Teenvogue editorial!

  • This first photo is stunning <3 – my blog about New Faces :)

  • Gorgeous girl. Eye-catching and promising. Can’t wait to see her placement with other agencies in world.

  • stace

    Wow. I love, love, love her look. Her cheekbones need no further defining or accentuating with makeup. So major on their own, almost surreal. I hope she does well.

  • 1-st foto – Coco Rosha Conran:)))

  • Tammie

    I lover her cheekbones. Shes amazing(:

  • Erika

    Looks a bit like Kate Moss in some shots. Really beautiful!!

  • Gorgeous face. huge potential, adore her eyes:)

  • Lucia

    She has cheeckbones like Natasha Poly, doesn´t she? Gorgeous!

  • Leo

    she’s got such a beautiful face .love her amazing cheekbones

  • I like her face, but she comes across even shorter than she is on film…

  • lollipopboy

    like nicolas hault sister

  • Nigel S.

    Throw a pair of Mod 60’s glasses on her in the first image and you’ve got a Prada Eyewear campaign that blends near seamlessly with the new Fall/Winter.
    I like her. She’s got that Kristen Davis type of pure. Put a Georgia O’keefe style bone in the background (or fore) of the second to last image and you’ve got yourself a Jil Sander campaign. She will surely work.

  • she photographs really short imo

  • our lovely Lottie is still growing, she is still young and you can already see the amazing potential she has!. A star in the making!! watch this space!

  • Courtelle

    I sense a very pure and innocent prescence. Young and sweet.

  • Yasmin

    she’s a bit plain…


    what a gorgeous girl her cheek bones and eyes are to die for

  • Models and Style

    love the polas, but not convinced yet

  • Chicken

    Shes gorgeous!
    Going to be a great model =]

  • HH

    The 1st really wows me.That’s the only pic that showcase her uniqueness.She has such an innocent gaze tho I think that will work for some campaigns.

  • I had the pleasure of working with Lottie, Not only is she extremely beautiful, she is extremely professional and an absolute treat to work with. Totally refreshing and ambitious I wish her every success.

  • Girl Next Door :)


    Charlotte is our friend, she’s beautiful:) She recently joined our school and we have all made her welcome. PROUD OF LOTTIE!!!!!!!! :D<3

  • Andy Gibson

    Charlotte (now Lottie) has grown up into a very beautiful young woman and deserves all the success she gets. She was a very sweet young girl and was forever smiling

    “Told you she looked like Kate Moss”

    By the way you got her date of birth wrong

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