Lorraine Ferreira, 179 cm / 5’10.5″, Brazilian, born April 29th.

We Asked:

— Among your friends or family, what are you famous for?

For my courage, focus, strength and determination to go after what I really wanted for me, that was one day to become a model, I became known to everyone in my city I left family and friends and follow my dream, knowing and learning with each achievement and showing my ability to realize that dream.

— What’s something you are self-conscious about?

To have self-awareness is to better understand the emotions, and to live in peace that everything is well and enjoying the small things of life because change is great when we are the ones who take this initiative. It is legitimate for us to want to have the esteem, the recognition and the respect of others that comes from the other is always welcome, but not enough to fill us, what fills us is what we give ourselves self-esteem, that comes from within.

— How and when did you become a model?

I became a model through a scouter, who ran a fashion contest in my hometown, where I participated and stayed in 1st place in the contest, and two months later I traveled to São Paulo to try my career, I took a test at Joy Models where I was approved and started modeling in January 2017.


Joy Model Management (Sao Paulo – mother agency)
Power Models Management (Milan)



Seyid Fall, 186 cm / 6’1″, Senegalese, born October 15th.

We Asked:

— Who is your favorite entertainer?

My favorite rapper is Lil Tjay because he is so talented and he inspires me. Favorite singer is Akon because his music also inspires me. Favorite YouTuber is smoothgio because he is the reason why I became a YouTuber.

— Who is someone you admire and why?

I admire the model Baba Diop because he represents Senegal on the global stage, he is also the reason I want to be a model.

— What is an issue or cause you are passionate about?

I am really passionate about freedom and justice for everyone, no one is free until everyone is free.


Gnetics Management Inc (mother agency)
Major Model Management (New York)
Premium Models (Paris)