A lifeguard from Edmonton, Canada, Lowell was scouted twice – first at a Britney Spears concert (sure Lowell, you were just there with your girlfriend because you won free tickets) by Michael from Mode (and why was he at a Ms Spears’ concert?) two years ago, and then most recently on an Edmonton street, again by Michael from Mode. With his intense eyes, and a fine bone structure, Lowell is strikingly interesting.


Full Name:
Lowell Tautchin

188cm / 6′2″

Place of Origin:
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Date of Birth:
June 13


Mother Agency
Mode Models

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  • guilherme

    just gotta work with makeup or lights in his face
    what a body? awesome! loved it

  • Lauryn


  • george

    his face is all right, body great with clothes but without it’s too twitchy for my taste..
    good for catwalk.

  • Kelly

    Mode = !

  • He looks so much like a young Anthony Perkins. If ever a Psycho editorial comes along…

  • abbey

    Can you say “manorexic”? Other than that, he is lovely.

  • Lily

    Nerdy. Imagine him at the beach with all the cool guys kicking sand at his face.

    • Accountant chic is where it’s at.

  • Lady Lynn

    You all are so quick to judge let’s see you model!
    Prada will eat him up


    Soft eyes and can pull off the cowboy look? All is good in my books!

  • Crystal

    Wow look at those smoldering eyes and thick hair…

  • Alana

    Wow! good looking guy.I’m sure he will very well…

  • Amber

    Ooooh, very captivating look…nice jaw line & his eyes make you certain there’s more beneath the surface. Would have loved to see just one pic with him smiling!
    First modeling…then who knows…movies?
    Could definitely see that.

  • Jewels