Daily Duo: Meet Jadi & Liang



Jadi, 178 cm / 5’10”, Brazilian, born September 4th.

We Asked:

What is the most interesting thing about your family? Do you have siblings?
“I have two big and beautiful dogs. I have an older brother, he and my father have a red beard. My mother has a beauty salon, and everyone asks if it’s her who paints my hair, but really she did this when I was born! Hahaha.”

What are you very good at?
“A good fact about me is that I learn easily, so I love learning new things.”

What is your favorite thing about being a model?
“I think the most interesting things are getting to know different countries, cultures, and new people.”


Gas Models (Joinville – mother agency)
Special Management (Milan)



Liu Liang, 186 cm / 6’1″, Chinese, born January 25th.

We Asked:

How and when did you become a model?
“When I was shopping with my sister, she said to me looking at the billboard “Why don’t you become a model? You’ve got long legs and you look like that guy in the campaign.” That made me realize maybe I should give it a shot. I was lucky enough to be introduced to Mostar Models so I could start this new chapter of life.”

Who is someone you admire and why?
“Rene Magritte. I love the surrealism and it touches me everything I look at his art.”

What are your interests/favorite things?
“I major in photography. I love documenting things happening around me, especially with my families.”


Mostar Models (Shanghai – mother agency)

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