Alize Cekic, 178 cm / 5’10”, Turkish / French, born January 8th.

We Asked:

What’s the most difficult thing you have ever done?
“I was injured in a terror attack 2 years ago. And for me to go out for a while was hard. My arm got broken and they put an external fixation so I had to live with that for a while. I was afraid when I went to go out at first but later I started to feel more safe and now I feel fine. For me everyone has the strength to fight the bad things that happen to them. After some time passes you become a stronger person.”

What’s the most interesting thing about your family? Do you have siblings?
“I don’t have siblings. I think that the most interesting thing about my family is that my dad is Turkish and my mom is French. That is interesting for me because that is actually two different cultures and sometimes understanding both of their points of view can be challenging.”

What are your interests/favorite things?
“I love playing computer games. Whenever I have time outside of school and modelling I play World Of Warcraft. Also I love dancing, it’s a really good activity to free your mind. Also I can’t go out without my EarPods, I always listen to music. I also adore art.”


Option Management (Istanbul – mother agency)



Magnus Hambleton, 190 cm / 6’3″, Canadian, born September 20th.

We Asked:

What are your interests/favorite things?
“My favourite thing to do is snowboarding.  I am a competitive snowboard racer, I compete as part of the Canadian National Team.  I used to race sailboats as well but I have dialled the racing back to focus on earning money as a sailing instructor and fashion model, to pay for my next season on the North American alpine snowboarding tour.”

What was your most embarrassing moment?
“When I was in grade seven I discovered my anxiety towards presenting to my peers when during a presentation I was asked a question and just fainted.  The funny thing is, I can now walk a runway in front of a crowd of people and am not at all anxious.”

What is an issue or cause you are passionate about?
“I am very passionate about the plastic waste problem that our society faces.  It impacts the world’s oceans and wildlife, and that really matters to me.  If each of us make simple changes in our consumer habits, it can make a big change to the environment.”


Elite Toronto (mother agency)
d’management group (Milan)

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