Daily Duo: Meet Noëlle & Eugene



Noëlle Isabelle Nijhof, 178 cm / 5’10”, Dutch, born March 2nd.

We Asked:

What are your interests/favorite things?
“All day long I try to relate to and connect with all kinds of people. I’m very interested in who they are, what they do and even more in why they do it. Probably that is why I love art, history, and religion so much, it gives an understanding about what people experience, how they see things and it taps into the why once you try to understand it. Aside from the all-day observing and connecting, I love to spend time with my family and friends.”

What is an issue or cause you are passionate about?
“That is definitely “Pink Ribbon.” My mom had breast cancer and Pink Ribbon was really there for her and all other women. I love their ideology and I support them wherever I can by promoting their bracelets and pins to collect money for this charity. Cancer seems so far away until somebody close to you has it. A person you considered invincible becoming vulnerable. Being scared all day to lose the person dear to you. I wouldn’t want anyone to go through this pain and I strongly believe that Pink Ribbon makes the world a better place. Hopefully, I’ll be able to become an ambassador for Pink Ribbon in the future since I feel the desire to help everyone dealing with this illness. ”

What is the most interesting thing about your family? Do you have siblings?
“My granny is from Indonesia, so basically, the whole family has brown eyes, brown hair and slightly tanned skin. Even my mom and sister have these features, but somehow I ended up being the odd duckling in the family with red hair, blue eyes and pale white skin.”


Division Models Amsterdam (mother agency)
Special Management (Milan)



Eugene Mislev, 187 cm / 6’1.5″, Russian, born February 12th.

We Asked:

What are your interests/favorite things?
“Downhill Skiing. I do it since I turned 8, even earlier I guess. My parents are professionals in that kind of sport and my father works as an instructor in Andorra. Also photography. I’m passionate about pictures. It’s not something I do to sell for money – this is just something more to me. There are so many beautiful, unique moments I want to capture. In general, I might say that I use photography to throw out creative impulse- if I can say so. And I would like to reach the all – Russian level. And I believe that I’m not so far from it, lol.”

What are you very good at OR what do you wish you were better at?
“The style in skiing “Freeski” which is doing tricks on downhill skiing, skidding on rails, skating on unprepared slopes. It’s hard to find someone who is in this sport and style in my city Nyzhny Novgorod.”

What have you learned since you started modelling?
“All photographers have their own vision of beauty. And can say that I started noticing the beauty that I had no idea about before.”


Direct Scouting Center (Moscow – mother agency)
Wonderwall Management (Milan)

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