Daily Duo: Meet Greta & Arnau



Greta Brooks, 173 cm / 5’8″, American, born December 15th.

We Asked:

How and when did you become a model?
“I started modeling when I was 13 years old. My mom was in the business for a long time and I always wanted to be a model like her. I asked her to take me to No Ties to be scouted and here I am today!”

What is an issue or cause you are passionate about?
“An issue I am passionate about is gun control. I think that guns shouldn’t be taken away completely but I definitely think there should be stricter laws. There have already been 18 school shootings in the US this year. It’s very scary! I worry about it every day when I’m at school.”

What’s the most interesting thing about your family? Do you have siblings?
“OK… where do I start? my family is a blended family. I have an older sister, Brittany, from my dad’s previous marriage. Myself and my sister Gaia are from the same mom and dad, Thomas and Violet are my step-siblings with my mom and stepdad. There may be another wedding with my dad in the future so we may add 2 more step-siblings. It’s crazy!”


No Ties Management (Los Angeles – mother agency)
Women Management (New York)



Arnau Pons, 188 cm / 6’2″, Spanish, born November 17th.

We Asked:

Who is someone you admire and why?
“For personal, I really admire my parents, who always give me great advice and know how to get through the struggle. Professionally, I admire Fernando Torres, who after all the struggles, he keeps going.”

What is one thing people may be surprised to find out about you?
“I am such a happy person, optimistic, sensitive and I love joking around.”

How and when did you become a model?
“It all started as a game with couple friends; we would take pictures for Instagram, and then I realized they started to be liked on there, so I decided to come to an agency and try.”


Francina Models (Barcelona – mother agency)

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    Greta, impressive potential and future in the fashion.

  • Love working with Greta!! Amazing model🌟🌟🌟Legs foreverrrrr and absolutely gorgeous!!