Daily Duo: Kai



In Paris for the first time for fashion week, uber cool Kai, from Dusseldorf, is about to unleash his ultra blond cuteness on to the catwalk. Kai sent his photos to Quantum 7 Model Management where his potential was instantly recognised. Kai is another one of Quantum 7’s stable of stunning new boys set to invade the modeling world. We see this kid on some major runways.


Full Name:
Kai Schwade

184cm / 6′0.5″

Place of Origin:
Dusseldorf, Germany

Date of Birth:
December 8


Mother Agency
Quantum 7 Model Management

Ford Models Europe

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  • Dodo Aldo

    Brilliant!!!he looks so expensive!!!way to go!!!

  • Cindy

    Well done! Very cute boy!

  • charlotte

    Cute Kid.. but I don’t really understand why he would be modeling MEN’s clothing to be honest.. I think in a couple of years he could reach the very top though

  • anna

    Amazing! Really!

  • Axana

    Sooo cute! and btw I’m searching to start my modeling career so plz help to get in touch with some agencies and thank you!

  • Amazing boy! Like him!

  • a great fashion look here

  • Not sure about the hair, but what a face! Good find!

  • guilherme

    he is definitely going somewhere!
    the hair’s the only thing that bothers me

  • I’m impressed


  • Facu

    nice look :) comercial and fashion too

  • RumplestilsKin

    I like him, he’s not cute but he’ so refined, his aristocratic features make him looking very good

  • Masha

    looks cool

  • Hot Hot hot , cute Boy Kai Schwade

  • Hanna

    Am I the only one who think he looks a bit like a maleversion of Frida Gustavsson?? Don’t you agree?