Elfin faced beauty Felisa was discovered whilst lounging around a hotel swimming pool on her hometown of St Thomas, US Virgin Islands. She was scouted by Ginny Edwards of Ginny Edwards Development – it seems they were both pretending to be hotel guests so they could use the pool! Off to NYC in a few weeks to meet with agencies, Felisa’s natural beauty and sunny innocence are captivating.


Full Name:
Felisa Wiley

175cm / 5′9″
82 cm / 32″
61 cm / 24″
86 cm / 34″

Place of Origin:
St Thomas, US Virgin Islands

Date of Birth:
September 9


Mother Agency:
SCOUT model management

  • james

    too commercial,not sure enough about her future,she looks like an actress than a model to me
    no offence and please don’t delete this:D
    maybe she need haircut that will make her edgy

  • Lala

    She’s very pretty! But she looks 13-14? I don’t see her in high fashion, maybe Old Navy or GAP? <3

  • She looks very young, for the moment she’s great for some girls stuff (editorials, commercials) but not for shows.

  • Harlow

    I agree not high fashion .. but cute girl

  • Rasha

    no seriously…how old is this kid???

    • She’s 15.
      When I saw her I was instantly reminded of the first time I saw Jourdan Dunn.

  • very cute… she’s got a potential..a bit commercial, but with the right development, this girl can do very well..

  • scout

    Beautiful girl, I can see her booking Teen Vogue in an instant!

  • Yasmin

    She looks very young… I agree with the others, she doesn’t like a high fashion model.

  • fashionista

    i agree and disagree with some of the comments. yes, she’s young. but all models start off young. she’s 15? great, usually models start off at 13. she does look more commercial than anything else but i actually CAN see her pulling off high fashion in the near future. the second photo shows it. not completely in love with her look but maybe she will grow on the market, like every other girl. wish her the best of luck.

  • Erika

    Fresh,really young-looking,and i’m seeing great potential in her. Terrific legs & body!

  • james

    but what i like about this girl the fact she is 15 she looks 15 like her real age or even younger,not like the previous girl who is 16 but looks like 20 or more

  • chacha

    Oh cmon guys not so too judge about her instantly,because i agree she’s still young and there’s a long future for her. Which i believe she will be get recognizable both in commercial and high fashion. Go Felisa

  • stace

    The money’s where the commercials are at. Editorial just gets you noticed.

  • Frank

    she’s beautiful but her looks is too fresh, you know … not sophisticated

  • id shot with her

  • samantha

    wow, she is very beautiful. I really believe she’s gonna be a top model. young and fresh, love it!

  • Felisa is absolutely stunning and has the perfect runway body….look at those legs!

  • Felisa wins my vote for amazing.

  • anonymous

    goodbye chanel iman!

  • exotic look she has, but very young looking as others mentioned… a long career ahead then, eh?

  • Kosher Porkchop

    She’s not 14, she was born on 9/9/1994. I guess that makes her 15. Pretty close though. She’s a runner. Hence the legs. She IS very pretty.

  • chinwe

    Hey Guys, She is young ok which is better because the sky is her limits.

  • lulu

    This girl will definitely book. High fashion isn’t the only part of fashion.

  • MartaHale

    She’s so pretty ! But very young …
    I believe she’s going to be a great model , in commercial and in high fashion too . Love those legs !

  • poo

    Very cute and has presence.

  • she’s beautiful!
    yeah she kinda looks like the regular girl walking through the hallways at my school
    but she has that modeling edge.
    make up can make anyone look edgy
    good luck to her:)

  • gorgeous. Love her

  • Livvy

    She looks like a younger version of Chanel Iman.

  • She’s a cute little girl! Maybe when her features grow old she’ll get that edge you guys are talking about! And I agree, she looks like a younger Chanel or Jourdan, poise will make her more HF! ;)

  • paul

    beautiful little girl

  • maria

    she’s sooo victoria’s secret

  • scout

    Everyone loves to jump on the ageism thing. She is 15 this summer, 16 in September. She hasn’t even signed with an agency yet! Maybe a year of development, maybe shows when she is 17, ready to go by 18? Nothing shocking here. This is the average age for a girl to get started, and as others mentioned, it is great that she looks her age not 5 years older doing sexy poses. Of course, most girls look young when smiling and jumping and with no make up. Very interested to see who she signs with.

  • perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!so perfect

  • Amony

    i believe Felisa can do anything she sets her mind to. she seems to have a great personality, and shes amazingly beautiful. i love her already. she seems very cutesy, but she can be serious as well. that jumping one is jus too adorable. she looks great with and WITHOUT makeup and i believe she will go very far..!!

  • Anya

    Fresh and crisp. Beautiful girl.

  • Briana Adams

    FELISAA !!!! Im one of her best friends. I think she is awesomee . && really pretty too so i think she can do HIGH FASHION, and is very SOPHISTICATED !!!! YAY FELISA ! Ily ! <3

  • Grace Bartolucci

    I know Felisa :) Shes an amazing person! and is absolutely beautiful
    remember me when your famous!!!

  • Lizzie

    Love her.

  • Takara Mmboni

    amazing. simply amazing.

  • Kristal and Tom

    beautiful. i would also shoot with her…

  • James

    Exotic look she has…

  • Chrishe`

    She is such a beautiful girl. Definately needs her eyebrows done though, but beautiful features ! i love her jaw structure and she has wonderful legs !