Daily Duo: Basia S.



There’s nothing to hold Basia back. Well traveled, fluent in English, and with the perfect height, glowing skin and the bluest eyes, Basia is poised and polished. Already comfortable in front of the camera (she was in an award winning film a few years ago), Basia has quickly adapted to the demands of modeling, perfecting her style so that she is the consummate professional. This is definitely a girl to keep an eye on.


Full Name:
Basia S.

Dark Blonde
181cm / 5′11.5″
80 cm / 31.5″
60 cm / 23.5″
90 cm / 35.5″

Place of Origin:

Date of Birth:
April 27


Mother Agency:
GAGA Models Agency

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  • Great discovery of Gaga Models. She has a future!

  • In the last bunch of new faces, she’s absolutely one of the most convincing (lately – even THE MOST). And… well, so happy to see her here too! :)
    Young (even if not outrageously), impressive numbers and presence, chances to develope hugely are absloutely amazing for her.
    PS about her “film appearance” – OMG she was sooo little (and kind of adorable) in that! :)


  • Very Sexy!

  • someone know Her Age?

  • Ken Haley

    Date of birth 1994


  • Yasmin

    Wow, she has a very clear face!

  • Simbli

    I like her actually more on snaps then book pics!

  • A great new face here, lovely model, shoots great

  • Rach

    No way!!! Can’t believe she is a year younger than me. I feel so inadequate :'( she is very beautiful, reminds me of diane kruger in some of the shots

  • gorgeous. Love her


  • adsfjl

    I like the second pic a lot

  • Like Jac, but much much better!


  • HH

    She really was born in 1994??OMG she has such a mature and calm face.She is beautiful.

  • abbey

    She really doesn’t look her height… But she looks to be a good model in the making! And a young one, at that.

  • Kristyn

    So natural, so amazing.

  • Ada

    Baśka, nie wiem czy to to wgl czytasz, ale jak dla mnie to super zdjęcia ! ; D

  • Przemek

    Ada, zgodzę się z Tobą!!
    NY jest Twoj ;D

  • AS

    Rewelacja !

  • trish

    stunning slavic beauty

  • To my taste… JUST to MY taste, the prettiest