Christina Sade Olumeko, 178 cm / 5’10”, Danish, born November 26th.


Post-modern woman Christina was working as a waitress in a cafe bar when modelling found her. As cool as the Copenhageners we’ve come to expect, Christina’s quiet confidence and laid back charm that local Danish clients have already learned to love.

We Asked:

What are your interests? What are your favorite things?
“I study political science, and then as the stereotype I am, I like discussing politics and solutions our society needs to implement in order to be progressive. Besides that I love to eat créme brûlee.”

Which languages can you speak?
“Nah, don’t get fooled by my skin color. I only speak Danish and English fluently, my parents never taught me their own languages. Although French wouldn’t be difficult to learn, because I’d many years of French at school and I’ve French family.”

Do you have any special skills?
“I got the rhythm.”


Gossip Model Management (Copenhagen – mother agency)