Daily Duo: Karlo

October 2, 2017


Karlo Svonja, 187 cm / 6’1.5″, Serbian, born October 11th.


Super suave Serb Karlo is a Valentino veteran. He made his runway debut in June at the men’s shows after becoming a full time model in May. Now this former kickboxer is ready to take on London with a roundhouse kick.

We Asked:

How and when did you become a model?
“Friend of mine pushed me to come with her to an open call at the agency and they asked me to start working with them same day.”

What were you doing before answering these questions and what will you be doing after?
“I was out on a beach with my friends and when I got this I ran home to answer it cos I was very honored to be on models.com so early in my career. After I will sit and wait for this to be on line… LOL.”

What’s the most interesting thing about your family? Do you have siblings?
“I have sister, she is 2 years younger. We live with our mom and they support me a lot. I’m grateful for all that my mom does to help me in my new adventure.”


Fox Fashion Agency (Belgrade – mother agency)
Success Models (Paris)
I LOVE Models Management (Milan)
PMA (Hamburg)