Oslo Grace, 183 cm / 6’0″, American, born September 16th.


Gender neutral newcomer Oslo started modelling seven months ago after being scouted online. Now this Californian ray of sunshine is based in NY and experiencing a fully fledged first show season.

We Asked:

What’s the most interesting thing about your family? Do you have siblings?
“I have a pretty interesting family. I have 7 brothers, two dogs, and a tortoise named Kameko. I know an absurd amount of reptile and animal care knowledge, I love animals and am also a vegan.”

How and when did you become a model?
“I’ve been modeling for around 7 months now, I was scouted online.”

What is an issue or cause you are passionate about?
“I’m passionate about a variety of issues, anything from habitat protection of orangutans to human rights like the Israeli Palestinian conflict.”


BMG New York (New York – mother agency)