Don Tarkington, 190 cm / 6’3″, American, born July 1st.


Distinctive Don has so far worked for mega brands Nike and Amazon at home in Seattle. This summer, though, he’s branching out to New York and beyond, where his client list will only become bigger and bolder.

We Asked:

What’s the most interesting thing about your family?
“My grandma and grandpa, on my mother’s side, were an arranged marriage, which is a common tradition in my culture as Tibetans. Also, because of the Invasion of Tibet by The People’s Liberation Army, my grandparents had to migrate from Tibet to Nepal where my mother was born. From there, they moved to their now new home, New Delhi, India.”

What were you doing before answering these questions and what will you be doing after?
“I was washing dishes for 8 hours straight because I am a dishwasher. Behind all the glam and bright lights, I still have to go a Taiwanese restaurant and wash dishes for a living. What am I doing after? Going to sleep. But hey, $15 bucks an hour is $15 bucks an hour.”

What is one thing people may be surprised to find out about you?
“A lot of people think I’m this super cool Rico Suave type guy but in reality I’m a weirdo lol. But, funny-weird.”


Heffner Management (Seattle – mother agency)