Daily Duo: Anne K.



Just placed with Tess Management in London and Why Not in Milan, Anne is getting major response from high end clients. We love her blue blood appeal – an almost aristocratic beauty. Clean lines, unblemished pure complexion and an innate elegance place this Rotterdam girl in the winners circle. With major things on option, expect to see Anne on a blue chip catwalk soon.


Full Name:
Anne Kervers

Dark Blonde
176cm / 5′9.5″
84 cm / 33″
60 cm / 23.5″
89 cm / 35″

Place of Origin:
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Date of Birth:
May 1


Mother Agency:
Ulla Models

TESS Management

Why Not Model Management

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  • She’s interesting – she has in my opinion a strong look, that I could imagine in some fashion shows, as editorials too. A girl to watch

  • michael marsh

    Very nice girl. She looks like she comes from an ” old money” family.
    She looks posh.
    like her a lot. the polaroids bring out the real beauty in her.

  • All About Models I totally agree! really Strong look! beautiful, tall, and got the body, I Love it!

  • Maybe I won’t love her to death, but “for the kind of model she is” – she is really good and convincing for me.


  • R

    You made a little mistake/typo with the agencies. Tess is in London and Why Not in Milan.

  • Lily


  • Erika

    Not my favorite face, but great hair! Pantene commercial, maybe?

  • Reuben

    @Lily I second that. Nothing fresh about her face. =(

  • G.NataN

    Good! Very good, remeber… mix = Bruna Hort + Mariana Weickert (2Brazilian models)

  • dp

    pretty, but she doesn’t stand out. if you put her in a pile of the last 10 daily duos, she’d get lost. why can’t there be more diversity here? lots of gorgeous girls out there who aren’t fair skinned and light haired.

  • Dragonfly Fine Art (Jeffrey Rue)

    This girl has it all and when she smiles…the world is a better place..


    Good Luck to you Anne

    Jeffrey Rue

  • she`s good when ? when she smiling ))):)

  • Yasmin

    Oh my, she has something!
    But imo she got her clothes off a bit too early!!

  • Wow..incredible


  • abbey

    In the last pictures, she looks old… maybe that’s why her birth year isn’t here? haha. the other pictures are gorgeous, though.

  • I shot some of these. I love Anne, energetic girl and goes for the shot. Can’t wait to shoot with her again.