Marta Piekarz, 173 cm / 5’8″, American, born March 1st.


Midwestern millennial Marta has that social media magic formula. Pretty, personable, and opinionated, this Illinois insta-charmer’s brand of beauty is enough to give Cara D. concern.

We Asked:

What was your most embarrassing moment?
“My most embarrassing moment would have been when I was at friend’s for dinner once. Her mom made meatloaf (I am not a fan of meatloaf!) and so I got through my first piece (barely) and her mom goes, “Here is another piece, honey!” – my refusal led to nowhere – so I had to somehow finish this other piece. I would drop it into a napkin piece by piece and put it in my sweatshirt pocket until I “finished it.” So I had this pocket filled with meatloaf chunks and as I am taking my plate back to the kitchen their dog starts jumping up to my pocket and barking – I am just like, “Could this get any worse?” Lo and behold it does! As I thank them for dinner and am about to leave (meatloaf still in my pocket) my friend’s mom goes, “Don’t forget to put the meatloaf in the fridge when you get home!” so she knew the entire time that I had these meat chunks in my pocket and said nothing!”

What are you very good at?
“I am really good a shooting 3’s in basketball, like insanely good! I beat my 6’4 brother all the time. I can also play tennis, and fencing. I can also sing a little bit as well as dance and draw! I built my bird a cage once as well if that counts for anything.”

What is an issue or cause you are passionate about?
“The issues I am very passionate about are most environmental issues, especially the ones that deal with animals. For example, there are only 3 white rhinos still alive and about 100,000 elephants left and the blue whale is also on its way out… it’s just so sad to see because there isn’t much they can do for themselves but there is so much we can do to help them! Unfortunately, it’s a “watch out for yourself” kind of world and I hope to change that. Another issue I am very passionate about is sexual assault awareness. Sexual assault has become a huge problem especially in America (or at least just nowadays because people are finally more vocal about it) and I still don’t think most people understand how terrible it actually is to violate someone like that. It is just so wrong and it makes me sick to my stomach even thinking about it! There needs to be a lot more done in our society to help prevent and lock up those who do this crime.”


CW Management (Naples – mother agency)
Elite New York City (New York)
Premier Model Management (London)
Freedom Models (Los Angeles)