Olivia Döbler, 181 cm / 5’11.5″, German, born March 11th.


A long-legged lovely from Hannover, Olivia has recently completed her thesis studies and now is ready to turn from higher education to higher fashion. Already popular amongst lingerie and money clients at home in
Germany, this Deutsche is ready to make bank!

We Asked:

How were you discovered?
“After I finished school, I did a little trip to Hamburg with my family to watch the musical “The Lion King”. In the evening, we went to a restaurant, where I met my present booker. He asked me If I want to be a model. Because I finished school and had nothing to do in that time, it was the perfect opportunity for me to start something new like modeling. And that’s the reason why I am now with SPIN.”

What is something people may be surprised to find out about you?
“That I am studying Business Administration, and that I am doing it well. Who remembers me from school remembers especially my terrible math skills. But I am handling it. I also don’t how, but it works.”

Do you have any special skills or talents?
“I play the violin but not often anymore. But that isn’t everything. My older sister and I are the best entertainers at every small or big family meeting since we are little kids. We already performed Cats together when we were 4 and 8 years old.”


SPIN Model Management (Hamburg – mother agency)