We’ve been keeping a keen eye on west coast girl Paisha for about a year now as she has been busy developing her style and, of course, her portfolio. From Mukilteo, Washington (a small seaside town in the Seattle area), Paisha has recently shot for Italian Vogue and with Paul Wetherall for the Adidas Originals campaign – proof that the momentum is definitely building. Yes, this musical theater star is hitting all the right notes!


Full Name:
Paisha Coffey

Dark Brown
176cm / 5′9″
86 cm / 34″
59 cm / 23″
84 cm / 33″

Place of Origin:
Mukilteo, Washington, USA

Date of Birth:
November 7


Mother Agency:
Heffner Management

Women Milan

Select Model Management

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  • anatasiya

    WOW, she’s gorgeous… And has a really cute pout.

  • Paisha certainly isn’t the look that comes to mind when you think of musical theatre! She will do very well.

  • lucia

    …great look!..

  • Paisha’s look is beyond one in a million… she looks amazing from every angle with many great unique looks. She will go very far and we wish her many great things

  • FranceSCO

    I really like her!!

  • Wow wow wow! I think I might have a new favorite model =).

  • Marcin

    love her!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sam

    beautiful, but she needs to learn to close her mouth sometimes

  • she ok

  • Sam way

    Anyone else see Anne Hathaway?

  • RRRaul415

    @Sam – echo that.

  • M

    I agree, she needs some shots with the mouth closed

  • SYlvia

    Ummm… She’s ok.

  • Yasmin

    A mix of Amanda Seyfried & Scarlett Johannson, no?
    Anyways… I think she’s beautiful but she doesn’t stand out of the crowd.
    When she’s a musical star already, she must be a bit older I think?

  • Sydney

    THIS is what we need! A really beautiful model! I am so sick of all these alien-looking girls, I LOVE THIS GIRL!!

  • Love the last picture, so cute^^

  • VIola

    She’s very cute. But, she looks more like an actress to me.

  • Lala

    Beautiful model*

    Concern to the public: Why is the models on the rank 50, especially the top 4 of white descent (I HAVE NEVER SEEN A COLORED WOMAN ON THE TOP 4). The light skin, colored eyes – basically promoting the eurocentric ‘ideal beauty.’ When colored people look at these ranks and bombarded with the one race, it creates psychological harm whether you acknowledge it or not. It leads into an obsession with bleaching creams, colored contacts, dying hair into lighter tones, etc.

    If you guys want to send an ethical message, then stop promoting one standard motion of beauty. What’s wrong with having an African-descent model, an Asian model, or any other race which many could relate too. Since the modeling industry is the biggest influence in our looks, you know, it is nice to see people that we can relate too and not try to obtain what that ONE standard notion of beauty is (which is impossible for non-white people) – the eurocentric ideal. Its time for a revolution in the modeling industry, its time to portray people of color, there is nothing wrong with that!!!

  • Danielle

    wow favorite new face in a while! I love that she is 5’9″, but just as beautiful as everyone else! :D

  • Gressex

    Pretty girl. Agree with others: Too many open-mouth shots here. Combined with certain poses, it’s tending towards a soft-porn look.

  • I really like her look and the attitude she coveys in her photos. The combination of her big green eyes with that sultry mouth is fantastic!

  • She has a great charisma!

  • d

    Hoorah for the northwest its great to see talent from this side of the country every once in a while