Scouted whilst shopping with his mother (aww) in his hometown of Criciuma, Santa Catarina, Douglas was torn between his passion for soccer and his desire to model. Fashion won the match and he’s now set to take on the world. Douglas is versatile – with the whole Brazilian allure working for him, he also has an incredibly sculptural face that is so major luxury. So in the world cup stakes, it is: Modeling – 1 / Soccer – 0.


Full Name:
Douglas Venhold

Light Brown
188cm / 6′2″

Place of Origin:
Criciuma, Santa Catarina, Brazil

Date of Birth:
May 13 1990


Mother Agency
Office IM

Request Model Management NY

Success Models

Joy Models

Image Models

Louisa Models Hamburg

Wilhelmina Miami

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  • Brandon


  • THAT´S MY BOY !!!!!

  • Erika

    Wow is right……. i’m in Brazilian love!

  • Ron

    Absolutely stunning but clearly, something needs to be done with his hair. It’s very sensual when it’s wet but otherwise needs urgent attention!

  • Monica

    Very Beautiful. The best of luck to him in his career!

  • Andrew

    I met him while working for Louisa-Models. He is a really down to earth person and a total professional!

  • He’s gorgeous!! I’m sure there’s an exciting career ahead of him!

  • Nigel S.

    Hmm! Seems as if my jaw has took a trip to the ground…
    He is a knockout.
    An unquestionably masculine face that will surely feather the fancy of the high lux. Though his presence is masculine, he does possess some of that Isabeli je ne sais quoi, no?! Almost like that of Mr. Spendrup.

    Good luck Douglas.

  • jane wamaitha

    WAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOOO am from Kenya but honestly no dude here is handsome than you!!!!!Big ups!!!!!!

  • What a strong physique, slim yet athletic and defined, a handsome and well carved bone structure with dark expressive eyes! This kid is on FIRE!!! I do agree, his present hair cut reminds me of something I wore as a kid in the ’60’s but hair is easily modified! This boy is a gem!

  • Stunning

  • G.NataN

    Mem brazilian Models are Santa Catarina, Marlon Teixeira, André Ziehe and Douglas Venhold. i’m too SC, Brusque City, comming soon, my photos…

  • what a beautiful guy. so photogenic!

  • ya this is like the only guy here who’s actually reaaaly handsome..rly! love it [;

  • Ty

    I very much appreciate how Douglas is able to wear fashion of a feminine aesthetic and conserve his vigour unlike so many models whom appear denatured and meek.

  • Jerry

    Why his hair is black but his eyes are blue?Is he a European?

  • laail

    dam my friend said he was hot and i can see why.
    perfect abs

  • Santa

    marry me. that’s not a question.

  • Jensen

    People are right — he does need to do something with the hair, but if it’s fixed those sexy tousles are so sensual. Great physique and face, it’s strong, yet there’s something … (soft) about it that just seems right. And those pecs… whoo!

  • Douglas V

    thank you all guys :)