Glam girl Ekaterina is another beautiful citizen of Uzbekistan with interesting heritage (Lithuanian). This brown eyed girl has already featured in a cosmetics campaign for Shu Uemura in Japan. At 5’11 and with cascades of blonde locks and delicate features, Ekaterina is so very classic. Statuesque blondes never go out of style!


Full Name:
Ekaterina Stafetskis

180cm / 5′11″
86 cm / 34″
62 cm / 24.5″
89 cm / 35″

Place of Origin:
Uzbekistan [Lithuanian]

Date of Birth:
July 9 1993


Mother Agency:
Figaro International Management Group

MC2 Model Management


MC2 Miami


  • She’s nice – I’m for the moment not a huge fan, but she has an interesting look. You can discover it in commercial, as magazines too. I would like to see more of her. She’s still young, and has the time.

  • Hannah

    I can’t believe I’m about to say this… because she is a truly beautiful girl, with obviously perfect measurements… BUT – there’s just nothing special! Nothing amazing at all – she’s just another gorgeous, photogenic girl. She doesn’t stand out to me, nothing quirky or spectacular, and her poses are boring. But maybe I’m just in a mood!

  • Dylan

    On the 4th from last photo her legs look quite short which is quite amazing considering she is 5ft11, her face is nice and very commercial but as Hannah said shes not outstanding

  • stace

    I find her to be boring, myself.

  • buci

    definitelly one of the most beautifull and interesting newcomers I have seen in a LONG time!!
    this one is A STUNNER!

  • hmm,youlook so cool,

  • alegra

    omg you must be crazy ! this girl is amazing she’ll get far

  • Robert millan

    I think ur realy beatiful!!! U dont need that much make up it all .. Be’ urself and many ways n youll see the rewards… Una bella regaza ciao

  • M. Ernest Marshall

    I must disagree (respectfully) with the earlier comments that this young lady “is not special”. She has incomparable beauty and elegance for all time. She has it all and the “special something” that I see is a sense of maturity surfacing from her physical beauty. She is very elegant. I predict that this young lady will be around for a long time.

  • Some of her photos are beautiful and some are not so beautiful. I think her beauty is moulded my the photographer and his light. She has great possiblities and is a stunning model and I feel will go far.

  • Although she doesn’t have a broad versatility in looks, she does have some range… don’t care for some of the pics selected here while others showcase this lithuanian beauty well. . . time will tell as always…. Neo

  • Francesco

    I definitly like her.
    ’cause she represents the perfect mix bettween the classic blond girls and Sherazade.
    I find in her either an occidental beauty either an oriental elegance.

  • Well,I think that she’s a really good model!

  • Wow. Gorgeous!

  • Yasmin

    Well, she IS beautiful, fotogenic, elegant etc. … but smth. is missing! She doesn’t look sooo different and interesting, but yet she looks gorgeos.

    @ Dylan: I totally agree with the leg-thing!! I also thought that… maybe her agency made her a bit taller.

  • Charlie

    I think she has a lovely womanness about her. She looks older than 17!

  • MiCo

    I think she looks older than seventeen as well. She’s really good and pretty, but like earlier people said, there isn’t something so special

  • Hanna S.

    I defently like her a lot!!! i saw her in real life , lived with her together, and must say that she is without make up and this BEAUTY pictures very very interesting and special at the same time . she has something in her face her eyes!!! very special one the shape and the color that is changeble. and i dont even talk bout personality =) thats why she gets all the time the beauty shoots and not really good weird fashion photos. she needs that and she will go far !!! she and ruslana k. are 2 my favourite models !!!!!!!!!!!


    For me,she’s outstanding and no matter what other people say.Stafeckis,you should know,you’re the best girl I had ever seen.
    Your kvazimordochka <3

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