Daily Duo: William

December 6, 2016


William Hagg, 186 cm / 6’1″, Swedish, born May 9th.


A Florida vacation resulted in Swedish boy William’s discovery. Spotted by an eagled-eyed scout whilst in a Miami grocery store, William’s intense ice-blue eyes and cleft chin were definitely made to be in front of the lens. Now placed with New York Model Management, and busy developing his book, this handsome guy from Hammaro will be ready for the Spring/Summer shows.

We Asked:

What are your favorite things?
“I love a really good hamburger and Swedish pancakes. My inspiration when it comes to modeling is the male model Lucky Blue Smith, and my favorite actors are probably Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks. They are a big inspiration to me. Someday I wanna be an actor. If I would describe my style we would sit here for a while… I love the vintage style with some ripped skinny black jeans and an oversize denim jacket. But I also like the classic style when you can dress up in a nice suit and feel fancy. That’s why I wanna work with like Dior, Burberry, Prada or Calvin Klein some day. My music taste can be different from week to week. One week I like to listen to “The 1975″ and another week it can be 80’s music, rap, mainstream pop or Swedish songs. I love traveling, I truly do, it’s so cliché to say but it is so true! My family loves to travel so we’ve been traveling around since I was like 8. Since then it has been every year at least twice. But I have to admit the best thing there is is when I come home from school, grab my longboard and my headphones and just go for a ride and don’t think of anything at all.”


Town Model Management (Miami – mother agency)
New York Model Management (New York)
IMG London (London)