Recently featured as one to watch by, Esther was scouted at a train station. Signed with Select, this Brit beauty is darkly exotic and totally new. Esther’s look evokes a deep sensuality – the hair, the perfect skin, and Esther’s unique features capture the imagination immediately. This girl smoulders!


Full Name:
Esther Crichton

Dark Brown
178cm / 5′10″
82 cm / 32″
63 cm / 25″
89 cm / 35″

Place of Origin:
St Albans, UK

Date of Birth:
October 24 1989


Mother Agency:
Select Model Management

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  • WOW i love her eyes and lips! Is she really 100% british?

  • Eamon

    She looks like a more refined Rosario Dawson!
    Esther could be a revolution if handled right.

  • She looks a little like a girl from Brazilia. Very nice and a high potential. Her eyes are beautiful

  • stace

    Was wondering the same thing about her origin. Brazil?

  • Andj

    Of course she’s 100% british if she was born and raised there!!!

  • Erika

    Really beautiful……. & definately not an English girl – Brazilian?

  • adsfjl

    Wow. Even in these blurry photos her eyes are smoldering

  • Natasha K

    Victoria’s Secret – here she comes!

  • Yasmin

    Wow, she’s a beauty… I’d love too see more of her! Maybe some more different facettes… and different facial expressions.

  • M. Ernest Marshall

    Yes, she is beautiful and exotic. However, the “soft focus” (?out of focus?) images detract greatly from her look. Can we see her again, please.

  • WOW! She is very beautiful!! I agree with Erika as she TOTALLY doesn’t look British(more South American/Dominican vibe/look than anything)! You can tell that Esther exudes beauty/sensuality even with out -of- focus pictures. I hope that she goes far as the modeling industry needs strong looking girls of color like her. I hope that she makes it not only in the modeling market in the United Kingdom (London), but represented in ALL THE MAJOR MARKETS especially PARIS, NYC & MILAN. If she can get a foothold in NYC…she WILL GO FAR!! I hope the powers to be at American Vogue push for her. ARE you listening Edward? Andre’? Grace? Ms. Wintour?!

  • pedro

    and she’s mine all mine…!

  • Name (required)

    She looks exactly like my 12 year old neighbor (a future model for sure) and im in Brazil at the moment. i wont be surprised if she doesnt have some brazilian origings…

  • Photog PL (soul for intimates)

    Esther…. will be Queen

    at 5’10 she needs to reduce waist @ 23.5 and keep her nose high…

    potential very High

    pls drink as little as possible Alchool and smoke ( never)

    show as little skin as possible ( keep THEM guessing for as long as possible )

    always keep your cool baby..

    and you’ll knock them(THEM) dead every time

    most of all eat right and use a 3-Ten minutes meditation with your deepest inner self and let your face shine on us


    I never wwright so much but you draw it out of me ( my Muse)

  • devon

    i second that victorias secret casting..she doesnt look 5’10 though.

  • amy

    Amazing it!!

  • Nanamii

    wow she is really amazing !

  • Sheva

    She’s perfect 4 victoria secrets.

  • Sheva

    Just 4 d runway

  • alegra

    She was born and raised in britain but that doesnt mean she’s white im sure her parents are indian, brazilian or who knows

  • gorgeous. Love it

  • thilsen

    very nice…………….Yes, she is beautiful……………

  • definitely a different look . . although personally she looks a bit emaciated to me in the face and could stand to gain some weight

  • Katerina

    She is perfect

  • Katerina

    Have no words…. so beautiful……

  • Beautiful face!

  • chris

    she just looks mixed or tan lol doesnt mean shes from brazil. she could have many possible origins for her look. brazils not the only melting pot.
    in fact britain has a large mixed race population…honestly

    she looks like my 15 year old cousin from puerto rico but also strikes a resembelence to a french girl i knew in highschool

  • becca

    i think she was only born in brit but her parents must be of a different me she looks brazilian or west indian…but shes a real beauty

  • me

    she is beautiful! and british – her mum is fully british.

  • Natasha

    Wow, so stunning. Definitely a work of art – one of god’s many masterpieces. With a face like that she’s bound to go very far – such a strong face could carry of any brand or concept. LOVE

  • Katie

    She’s British, I went to uni with her, but I think her parents are Dominican, one of them is anyway SHE IS STILL BRITISH THOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ANON

    I went to school with this beautiful, beautiful woman. She is British but her father is from the West Indies, and she is very proud of all parts of her heritage.

    She is absolutely stunning, inside and out – kind, hilarious, warm, and she could model anything at all in any medium (I’m honestly not sure if she’d choose to model Victoria’s Secret as some of the above comments suggest, but I can’t speak for her, and there’s no doubt that she is stunning enough to do so if she chose to). She is also unbelievably intelligent, has always had a great sense of personal style, and she’s smart enough to get herself a top education whilst pursuing her dream of modelling. (A dream she’s had for years and years, trust me!)

    Unfortunately I’m not as close with her as I used to be but I am so, so proud of her and wish her allllll the best. She is just wonderful.