Mancunian twins Louis & Owen are so similar yet so different. Signed with Next, these lads lead diverse lives. Owen (with the shorter hair) works as a lifeguard and enjoys boxing, training and all sports. Louis was scouted in the fashion boutique where he works and he is also studying fashion design, loves art and photography. Both blue eyed, angelic and innocent, the Trainor twins are perfect editorial material.


Full Name:
Louis & Owen Trainor

Louis: 182cm / 6′0″ & Owen: 183cm / 6′0″

Place of Origin:
Manchester, UK

Date of Birth:
March 4 1993


Mother Agency
Next London

Next Models NY

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  • Wow, they are incredible
    I would love to see them on editorial together

  • Erika

    I think their biggest allure is that they’re twins…… so-so

  • guilherme

    woow! i do like them but not together, i mean, am i the only one who think its tacky?

  • kic

    i like louis!

  • OMG they are stunning, I would say that because I am their mummy. Good Luck Louis and Owen.

  • owen is the better looking by far!!!!!

  • Louis and Owen’s cousin

    I think they are both beautiful and I am really proud! Love u both x x

  • Claire the yorkishire bird

    These are fab! Im loving them =) Well done the pair of ya ,love all the way from HULL haha xxxxxxx

  • sexy beautiful boys. Met Louie he’s lovely :)


  • Abi Bryant

    These are stunning.
    Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous cant wait to see you in a magazine!

  • Lily

    Ok, the thing I’m about to say would be so obivious I’m gonna save it, it’d be deleted anyway so meh…

  • coco

    Two very gorgous boys & what beautiful expressive eyes they have xx

  • cath

    good models, photos not so much. if you know what I mean.

  • i prefer the one who is on the left,..great body for photos… ok good boys you must learn to rock!

  • this is fantastic

  • Luke

    Always destined 4 great things… Best of luck Louis.

  • mary wells

    Make way for new, fresh faces like this. I hope these two go far – they look great.

  • joanne – london

    Great pictures – great look – very chic