Daily Duo: Ty

October 26, 2016


Ty Smithers, 187 cm / 6’1.5″, Canadian, born November 5th.


Ty’s beauty is joyful. With those huge blue eyes, lush lips, buttery skin, and just the right amount of quirkiness, not to mention the ability to make anyone smile, this Canadian kid has an intriguingly idiosyncratic appeal. Scouted by a photographer who introduced him to mother agent Peggi LePage, Ty is currently in Tokyo, and will touch down in London in the new year — both the perfect kind of markets for his take on streetwear cool/lanky elegance. But don’t buttonhole this original from Ontario — Ty won’t be typecast!


Peggi LePage: Model Scout (Toronto – mother agency)
Wonderwall (Milan)
B&M Models (Toronto)