Discovered on the scouting service, Danny is the American dream. Tall, tanned, young and handsome, Danny, from LA, is captain of his football team, on the wrestling team (note to Bruce Weber), sings, plays guitar and piano, and, of course, is ridiculously good looking. Already with some impressive options in the pipeline, Danny is set to be a captain of this industry.


Full Name:
Danny Mejia

Dark Brown
189cm / 6′2.5″

Place of Origin:
Los Angeles, California, USA

Date of Birth:
May 10 1992


Mother Agency
Next LA


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  • guilherme

    great great body, not really sure about facial expressions

  • Marcel

    he is still young but got all traits to be a model
    very young,tall and definetly attracts a lot of people’s attention

  • Cello

    this gut is INSANE!!!he absolutely perfect
    his body,his talents,his face,cheekbones,very tall for 18 especially american
    damn!!!i seldom give a guy such a compliments but now i did!

  • Erika

    I am in love…….. LOL this kid is hoootttt!! reminds me of a hot brazilian guy!

  • Not too shabby.

  • Yulun

    i think that only his body is great and i don’t really like his face :S

  • miracle

    no no no. but great body

  • Daryious

    he’s a bit big for fashion isn’t he???

  • Nina

    I always observe the site but never respond. This guy has me breathless! Shear ridiculous-ness….

  • adsfjl

    Jon Kortajarena anyone?

  • saul

    he is too commercial

  • piwi

    Alrite the first pic to display looks funny! but guys look at the video.. damn he is super gorgeous!

  • jealous

    wow, his body is very developed for 18. when I was that age, I was still a twig

  • andrea

    is very very very very similar a JON KORTAJARENA amazing

  • rc

    great cheekbones wow

  • David Lawson

    nice body and cheekbones structure, am i the only one who thinks he had a nosejob?…

    i dont think it fits with the rest structure, anyway hot male model, but with a clear work limitation

  • Never before have I seen such a bountiful harvest of raw beauty! Look at the symmetry of his cheekbones. His face is pure art!! this will be a face to remember!

  • I work at the High School where Danny just graduated from. Not only is he strikingly handsome, he is a sweetie pie too! Really, and with his looks and personality… he will melt some hearts! A rare young man!!! xo Leslie R

  • Nice !!

  • LOVE

    Reminds me of this creepy guy I know…

  • Rebecca

    He has a great body and cheekbones…but his eyes look kinda creepy and his smile..

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