Daily Duo: Lansing



With his interest in physical fitness, Lansing has an awe inspiring body and a sharply sculptured profile. Originally from Sanga Puita, Brazil, where he was discovered at a party, Lansing has recently been in Singapore developing his book and enchanting a legion of fashion fans. With his next stop Europe, we predict plenty more people will fall for Lansing’s intense allure.


Full Name:
Lansing Bohnen

188cm / 6′2″

Place of Origin:
Sanga Puita, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil

Date of Birth:
November 8 1987


Mother Agency
ADM Models

International Management:
Eskimo Model Management Intl

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  • I once put him on my blog a long while back! He’s gorgeous and will be a big start!! I love his face!!

  • jluc

    Ah, here’s the guy who I’ve seen from Didio’s page. Good he’s getting a bigger share of the limelight.

  • Rodrigo Dutra

    Let me corrcet something about where this model come from ,the name of the state is NOT Mato Grosso do ”SOL” the name is Mato Grosso do SUL (wich means SOUTH)

    THE WORD ”SOL” in Portuguese means ”SUN ”

    And I saw this mistake a lot of times in Fashion TV, they alway say that Gisele is from Rio Grande do ”SOL” and again its Rio Grande do Sul

  • Erika

    Another German/Brazilian stunner – what a combo & nice body!

  • Jamie

    PERFECT MODEL!!!Just PERFECT!!!!I’m speechless

  • guilherme

    só não foi pior que Buenos Aires, Brazil que vi aqui uns 3 meses atrás.

    i dont get why we always see this kind of mistake here, wouldnt it be better if u didnt say where the models r from?

    i do like him, i aint crazy about his body, and i really dont get how ppl think models shouldnt be thin! tho, his face is good.

  • ACTUALLY the hottest..

  • Neto Pontes

    eu vejo cada pérola aqui!

  • he’s fantastic:DD

  • Eusenio

    Damm he looks so tasty i wana eat him up!!

  • Adam

    does that dude have an underwear around his neck? lolz

  • Wow!

  • Ricardo

    Gosh, Perfection is his name. God is brazilian!!!

  • Festat,

    Stop bitching about an U, guys. Put any of us, Brazilians, to write down any Polish city name to see what we can do.

  • Rebecca

    He’s cute..but im inlove with the first picture