Daily Duo: Amy P.



Dankuwel to Dutch beauty! Currently in London, Amy has worked with Burberry and has shot for Tank Magazine. Discovered whilst shopping with friends in Amsterdam, Amy is an engaging mix of innocence and wild child. From SPS Model Management (an agency we’ve been following since the early days!), Amy is yet another girl from the Low Countries on the rise.


Full Name:
Amy Post

Dark Blonde
176cm / 5′9.5″
79 cm / 31″
58 cm / 23″
86 cm / 34″

Place of Origin:
Abcoude, Netherlands

Date of Birth:
April 8


Mother Agency:
SPS Model Management

Women Paris

Why Not Model Management

Select Model Management


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  • What a beauty from SPS. Amy has a lot of potential and I’m thinking she’s now ready to make an international career. A girl to watch

  • Hit

    She has power in her eyes, she just looks right true you

  • Hit

    She has such strong expressions wow

  • reuben

    I’m stoked. She’s like Lara.

  • Well, finally all my fav SPSMM fresh faces (“three musketeers” are Amy, Maaike Klaasen and Valerie Van Der Graaf) have been here! :) (well, if we want to add one name to these: Michelle Den Hollander…)
    Amy is great and really particular, forehead and her big deep eyes are a trademark; quite young (still not 18), she’s going to develope a lot for sure – and btw even right now this girl is pure delight for the eyes.


    • Michelle Den Hollander may be here in the future… I have been following her since she was 13 and love her a lot. Now that school is finished it might just be the right time for her. SPS was a much different agency back then, Shirley has done a great job with growing it and developing great girls.

  • stace

    Dutch beauty with loads of British cool and very expressive face and mesmerizing eyes. Yep, potential for sure.

  • Lala



  • Lala

    Oh and may I add that she’s an Aries :D GO FIRE SIGNS :)

  • M. Ernest Marshall

    Finally! The images to the left of the ‘film strip’ are fun but the images near the end give us a good view of the model. She is stunning – soft, elegant, forever beauty. I would like to see more shots of her.

  • Natalia


  • wow!! HSE HAS THAT GEMMA WARD LOOK WITH FREJA BEHA FOREHEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..loving her!!! realy!,anyway not sure about her name..

  • Wow! That what I call strong! She’s gorgeous too!


  • So captivating! First face that has caught my eye recently. Just in awe of her powerful beauty and presence.

  • ella

    she looks like a cgi version of lisa cant. why are the pols so blurry?

  • Nick

    She’s a little hottie!!

  • M

    she reminds me of nimue! very pretty but she should smile!

  • lee

    she can look like a work of art by some big painter:)

  • Yasmin

    Now she’s going to be major!!
    She interesting and cute!

  • beachboyy101

    Good look nice high fashion pics.

  • jane

    i like that she has blonde hair and BROWN eyes. it gives her a softer, more grounded look.

  • James S

    she has thighs that are a bit too big. other than that…potential….

  • missy

    she’s cute but she is SO YOUNG. the demands of the modelling world are way too extreme for a girl this young…

  • Hit

    The girl is 17, young but not that young that you think

  • Archie

    James S says “she has thighs that are a bit too big..”

    Are we looking at the same girl? Maybe one photo has slightly unflattering angle, but the rest are great and she looks fantastic.

  • steve lebel

    I’m not sure why all this amazing new talent, seems to be coming out of Holland these days?These new Dutch models are taking the fashion world to a new level.
    I have seen Amy on the catwalk.Her walk is ferocious and her stare can itimidate you from 8 rows back in your chair!She’s great,she’ll be around for many years to come.

  • MartaHale

    Great facial expressions … she’s really really good .

  • She’s so interesting and edgy. She can be cutesy or she can be a badass.

  • Amazing! I love the attitude Amy conveys in her photos. It will be very interesting to see how her modelling career develops.


  • saul

    <3 shes sooooo amizing! looks soooo cool!

  • Lesha

    wow-wow-wow! she’s fucking good!