Daily Duo: Lucas M.



Lucas is from Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil (of course!). Discovered on a social networking site popular with Brazilians, Lucas has a sullen elegance that draws you in. Already a veteran of Brazil’s fashion week, Lucas has yet to be signed to international agencies but we’re sure it’s just a matter of time. His darkly brooding handsomeness will be in demand in the near future.


Full Name:
Lucas Mutinelli

186cm / 6′1″

Place of Origin:
Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Date of Birth:
January 16 1994


Mother Agency
Glam Model Management

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  • Chu Dee


  • Nely

    have u ever been there..?
    go first and then we will see…:-)

  • lucas has new photos, http://modelsbydidio.blogspot.com

  • Natalia

    wowowow so beautiful ! brazil is so amazing, such a melting pot full of diverse beauty.

  • Yulun

    my gosh he’s beautiful
    my gosh his smile is soooo beautiful


  • Julie


  • I thought I was the only one who still wore headbands for sports?

  • Lala

    model Model MODEL!!!

    His polaroids are descent, but HIS PRO SHOTS SCREAMS MODEL!

    Very nice, happy :)

  • Qe lindo, Lucas. Amei suas fotos, parabéens (y)

  • jessica

    love him……he is the best!!!!

  • Adriane

    This model is amazing and very beautiful!

  • Erika

    Could he possibly be any more gorgeous?? Brazil rules!!

  • Carla

    Besides, it’s a hit

  • Tati

    Congratulations Luke, you are wonderful

  • Marie

    Much success to you.
    You’re amazing and very, very beautifu

  • Adriane

    Parabéns Lucas!!
    Seu trabalho é lindo!!

  • Adriane

    Congratulations Luke, his work is beautiful!
    You are very even bo!!

  • Adriane

    Congratulations Luke, his work is beautiful!
    You’re very good

  • Lauryn

    Absolutely beautiful! He actually took my breath away

  • Gouli

    Quel visage, quelle bouche, quelle sensualité.

  • Amanda

    As ultimas fotos com o Didio estão arrebentando tb. Parabéns model, the best

  • Karine

    simply the best

  • Nic

    He is like the male version of Adriana Lima & he do look like Arthur Sales.

  • Parker Pembroke-Lloyd

    …classic brazilian handsome look at its best!

  • riseltan

    he looks good but i’d prefer Arthur Sales over him.

  • beachboyy101

    Nice pics, good look.

  • rc

    hes got great features but hes no evandro..

  • Amanda


  • Ju Rodrigues

    he’s sooooo pretty. *0*

  • Quero te desenhar!

  • OMG!!

    He’s handsome and very HOT!!

  • Ana Sofia

    Brazilian man is always very beautiful

  • Brenda

    Lindo, arrasou!
    Ele tem potencial, incrível!

  • Drica

    Parabéns Lucas!!
    Você merece!
    Lindo, colírio

  • Bruna

    Magnifico :DD

  • Daniely

    Very, very beautiful!

  • Ana Paula

    that body, that look, or 16 years seems to have perfect

  • Filipe

    this perfect boy!

  • Rener Melo

    OMG, you’re so handsome.

  • letícia

    You and incredibly beautiful. Only 16 years??

  • Cris

    You have a beautiful future ahead, top

  • Cris

    You are already a successful, beautiful

  • Paula

    Que homem!

  • Renata

    Lucas, vc está de parabéns! Arrasou no models.com
    Vc é um sucesso

  • Bia

    What a fantastic sight!

  • viviani

    Perfection :D

  • Gisele

    Parabéns Lucas, vc merece estar aqui, vc é muito bom!!

  • Marco

    Sucesso garantido garoto!!!!

  • Karol

    THE BEST!!

  • oh boy, oh boy! If i could get my hands on him…oh la laaaa! Very Gorgeous!

  • Livia


  • Glaucia

    What more perfect man !!!!!!!!

  • Rebeca

    Sem palavras!
    Deslumbrante, magnifico!

  • Rebeca


  • Simone

    Tinha que ser gaúcho!

  • Melissa


  • helena

    homem gaúcho é sempre lindo, sucesso guri!!!!!

  • luciana

    o mais lindo, perfeito

  • barbara


  • saul

    he is not less than 18 yo!

  • Livia

    Fantástico, perfeito!

  • Sheylla Oliveira

    Very Good!! Congratulation. Sucesso.

  • Simone Alencar

    Sucesso, vc é lindo e promete!!!!!

  • Cacá

    Muito lindo!

  • Gustavo

    Tem futuro, parabéns!!!!

  • HH

    agreed with Lala.
    and do all 16 year old brazilians look like this?omg
    love the b&w photos.he has a beautiful smile =)

  • jan

    Sucesso !!!!

  • Carol

    Que lindo *-*

  • Raluca

    WOW!he’s STUNNING!and he’s just 17 :O…i just can not believe!i guess that many girls are dreaming about him.haha