Daily Duo: London

March 7, 2016


Ksenia “London” Chuchkalova, 178 cm / 5’10”, Russian, born July 17th.


Rebellious, sweet, or the perfect pixie? London has us all guessing! With those bold brows and widely spaced, intensely beautiful eyes, this Moscow-based miss is certainly unique and definitely intriguing. From a family who were strongly opposed to their daughter becoming a model, her grandmother finally accompanied her to Moscow to make a decision for the family if this was indeed the appropriate industry for London. Turns out that grandma knew best, and London was signed with mother agency Direct Scouting Center. What’s worth noting is that her granny had not been to Moscow for 30 years, so a great spirit of adventure runs deep in this family! Currently in development and balancing her new career with her university studies, it won’t be long until London is calling on the rest of the world.


Direct Scouting Center (Moscow – mother agency)