Daily Duo: Alevtina



Discovered at a Moscow movie theater, Alevtina has proved popular in Milan and Japan. With cascades of strawberry blonde hair and an air of mischief, this Russian miss is sure to attract a legion of fans internationally. Alevtina’s look is at times ethereal, but just as often her beauty is kind of quirky. Into trance music, acting, and the work of Sean Penn, this versatile girl is worth watching.


Full Name:
Alevtina Kuptsova

Strawberry Blonde
175cm / 5′9″
83 cm / 32.5″
57 cm / 23″
88 cm / 34.5″

Place of Origin:
Moscow, Russia

Date of Birth:
March 11 1990


Mother Agency:
Andrei Honkko

City Models

Why Not Model Management

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    Alevtina, you are the best, my favorit babyface!!!!

  • Veronica

    OH! I love her (((((((;

  • she is ready!

  • Alevtina! Even if I’m not a real fan of her (for me not-so-convincing) expressive face (and body language), she’s so special – such a good skin tone / lips / eye shape / hair.
    Btw one of the best pouts out there for sure!


  • Shelby Lyn Taylor

    Love her!


    i think her way of modeling infront of the camera – fantastic..she is not trying to look beautiful-SHE DOES A PHOTO..

  • Erika

    Like but don’t love (in comparison with some of the other new Russian talent).

  • Lis

    She is not 20 for sure, she was born in 1984.

  • She’s very very lovely and cute !!!

  • MACK

    OMG she looks like my friend/neighbor Karolina.. Love her look !

  • miracle

    so versatile! i love every shot!

  • Yasmin

    I’m totally… SPEECHLESS!

    She is soooo interesting!

  • Valentina

    Alevtina was actually a runner-up on Russia’s Next Top Model and she’s at least 24 now, perhaps 25 or 26. However, I doubt anyone would be able to tell with a youthful face like hers.

  • M

    she would be great in beauty ads! a little like alyona maybe?

  • That’s correct, Valentina, she was on Russia’s Next Top Model, and she is about 24, but she has a very young fresh look, so it doesn’t matter. She is absolutely gorgeous, and maybe now she’ll finally be hitting it big! MDC does a lot for girls, Daily Duo girl Kirsi just got a Vogue Italia cover! Might not have happened if she wasn’t featured on here.

  • KJ

    Very much like Cintia Dicker. She has major potential for high fashion. I see her on the runway.

  • HH

    Not a fan of her face but she does have the kind of charm to be in high fashion spreads.

  • Violetta

    Ochen’ klasivaya i milaya devochka!!)

  • Julia

    She is currently five months pregnant :)

  • Fati

    Хорошая, только у нее бедра/hips: 100cm