Chandra Vidar, 178 cm / 5’10”, Australian, born January 8th.


Certainly a poster girl for the New World Order of ethnic ambiguity, Chandra owes her exotic gorgeousness to her Filipina mother and Scottish father — and the mix is just intoxicating. From Sydney, Australia, Chandra recently signed with her agency Jaz Daly Management after freelancing since the age of 15. Though somewhat quirky and just a little androgynous, Chandra’s breathtaking beauty remains a spectacular constant. Naming her one special skill as an uncanny ability to correctly identify a Beyonce song within six seconds, Chandra is also passionate about acting, loves to read, and is aiming at writing a novel in the future. Currently building her book in Sydney, this fierce feminist will be headed off to New York and London in the New Year.


Jaz Daly Management (Sydney – mother agency)