Daily Duo: Viktoria

December 7, 2015


Viktoria Orli, 177 cm / 5’9.5″, Slovakian, born February 29th.


Classically beautiful Viktoria has upped the ante by adding piercings and tattoos to underscore her wild child energy, and in her case it’s far from cliche. With tousled, ultra blonde perfection and more than a hint of untamed spirit, Viktoria’s appeal spans many markets, her versatility making her a more-than-viable fashion proposition. Working full time in Bratislava as well as venturing to Milan this season past, Viktoria now has her sights set on NYC. A girl who professes to be an expert at doing nothing and who is a champion shopaholic, she also has a passion for dogs… all dogs… Viktoria wants to rescue them all! We love Viktoria’s soft heart cunningly disguised by her rock ‘n’ roll hard edge, and can’t wait for her to break on through to other major markets.


M Management (Bratislava – mother agency)
Premium Models (Paris)
Place Models (Hamburg)