Daily Duo: Adel



Born in Dubai to Syrian & Russian parents, Adel has an edgy beauty that is instantly captivating. Currently studying Bio Engineering in Paris, Adel is a bit of a brainiac as well as beautiful! Discovered by a Premier scout on a night out at “The Box” in NYC, Adel was immediately signed by the London agency. Extraordinary eyes and air of darkness make this multi-lingual model mysteriously marvelous.


Full Name:
Adel Jord

Light Brown
184cm / 6′0.5″

Place of Origin:
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Date of Birth:
June 26 1988


Mother Agency
Premier Model Management

Studio KLRP

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  • KS

    He has anna jagodinzka’s eyes.. very nice

  • guilherme

    this boy is going somewhere

  • fendi

    he gonna be huuuugeeee

  • Great face here, and great hair and clothes.

  • S.

    Ok, I’m seriously impressed. He’s just the kind of guy that I love to see in shows and campaigns. Amazing face, perfect height, and a very cool energy.
    I’m pretty sure he’s gonna do great.

  • Natalia

    He is really beautiful. His heritage is very interesting. I have met many Syrian people who are blessed with great genes. Same with Lebanese. Very beautiful

  • Erika

    Now we’re talkin……… this kid is gorgeous!

  • justin

    Let me tell u sth,

    This Guy got skills.

  • S.

    Adel is gorgeous!!!!
    he is Maison Mathieu Berthemy’s Muse,
    more pictures on http://WWW.mathieuberthemy.com

  • Sinda

    LOOOOOOVE HIM!!!!!!!!

  • James D.

    Loving Maison Mathieu Berthemy. What an amazing concept

  • Reuben

    Wow, he is stunning, he’s giving Sylvester Ulv a run of his money!!!

  • dee

    WATCH THIS SPACE…hes going so far! amazing!

  • angela

    im lost for words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    im now his number one fan!!!!!!!!!

  • gemmy

    wow!! he is absolutely GORGEOUS!!

  • anne

    He’s Got IT!!!

  • Clare

    Gorgeous. Looks like Vladimir Ivanov in the second picture.

  • tiff


  • S.

    I have to comment one more time. He’s just hypnotic.
    I want editorials, shows and campaigns flooding with that face. Please.

  • Lala

    OMG, His face is so strong. He has to make it big!!! RUNWAYS, CAMPAIGNS, EVERYTHING!!! GOOD LUCK!

  • Rob

    ha has THE runway face! he’ll be huge!!!!

  • Parker Pembroke-Lloyd

    VERY interesting blend of genes and features.
    According to some people, why oh why new faces have to ALWAYS remind us of somebody else??? He doesn’t look like Vladimir Ivanov AT ALL! Nowhere.
    These guys don’t need that sort of “back up”. Give some individuality to the individuals. That’s what we all are.
    Best of the best to you, Adel.

  • rc

    hes beautiful a true package and a great future…..

  • LOVE

    A male version of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

  • Ricardo

    New Prada boy.

  • Hey guys, I did an interview with Adel on my blog

    His look is quite unique and not something I’ve seen before. A very interesting mix.

    Check it out at


  • blaa

    This man look like Abbey Lee! ;D Nice.