Daily Duo: Gabriella



Nordic newcomer Gabriella has a mesmerizing blonde wholesomeness! Fresh, innocent and almost wistful, Gabriella has a retro seventies vibe that is just too cool. Scouted by Heartbreak Management in Oslo this March, Gabriella has already been signed to Viva Paris.


Full Name:
Gabriella Maria Holsten

177cm / 5′9.5″
80 cm / 31.5″
63 cm / 25″
90 cm / 35.5″

Place of Origin:

Date of Birth:
April 5 1993


Mother Agency:
Heartbreak Management

Viva Model Management

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  • Simbli

    She´s not bad, but she dont charm, fascinate me with anything…
    And she seems without energry for me… don¨t know, not sure about her.. but she is signed with Viva.. that´s really good for her…

  • Rakeem crump

    I smell Victoria Secret model.
    But way to young for that FOR NOW.

  • stugees

    Wow. She is something!!!

  • Well, she’s nice. Her book is great and she looks fresh.

  • http://allaboutnewfaces.blogspot.com/

    Classical beauty.Very eye-catching.

  • Very nice model.

  • Erika


  • wooooooow! she’s HOT

  • Natalia

    Beautiful hair

  • Madelen C

    this girl is going places, im tellin ya! immensely beautiful and versatile

  • Yasmin

    Fresh & cute!

    p.s.: those glasses look horrible ;)

  • Cindy

    WOW! You’re really something for yourself Gabriella! These pictures are stunning, you’re going to be famous some day. I love it!

  • sam

    WOW, what a beauty!!

  • Abby

    She’s fresh and cute…I’d like to see more COLOR though, even though the B&W’s are nice!

  • stace

    One look so far. Would love to see more variety, but I guess that might come as she progresses?

  • Lala

    Sexy beach girl ;)

  • Beautiful girl! Lovely soft shots too…

  • love her look, she could fit in well with magazines such as VS, Zink and Oyster!

  • She has an incredible look, could see her working either commercial or editorial

  • beachboyy101

    Pretty. :D

  • Incredible look and certain trademarks that will bring this girl to the top!

  • Mari Hexeberg

    This girl does have something! I can definitely see Gabriella become a really great model! great hair and just amazing features!

  • cecce

    I could see her doing commercial, she doesn’t have that edgy look to do high fashion. Shes a money girl though, thats for sure! beautiful hair :-)

  • anna

    Part of those pictures are amazing, but sometimes she doesn’t look very attractive.. nice hair:)

  • maike

    i think youre going to be a great model!

  • Student

    Simbli, what a spiteful and sad comment you left there. What right do you have to lash out at young girls like these because you feel like it? She looks great, and that is all that is to it.

    These comments makes me kinda sad, but it’s really funny actually. Simbli, you sad person.

  • marcus

    I see a combination between charlotte di calypso and constance jablonski resulting in a a beauitful girl.

  • tana

    she sort of looks like abbey lee

  • the MOST amazing hair

  • Wow, she looks amazing!

  • Elisabeth p

    Stunning pictures!
    I’m looking forward to see this babe in magazines all over the world. You have an incredible look, Gabi!

  • hanna s

    this is certainly a mesmerizing girl, i agree with madelen c, this girl is going places, wish you luck gabby!

  • blanche

    i was assistant on a shooting with gabriella. she’s not able to pose and to move, she hasn’t got many facial expressions. of course she’s wonderful, she’s better than many other models, but she has to lose 1-2 kilos to get a perfect body. however, i wish her good luck for her future!

  • Diana

    Blanche: Please be polite – models are people too! Gabriella is perfect and so is her body.

  • Yasmine

    She is TOO beautiful for her own good! Such natural beauty too. Just wait, she’ll get far in life for sure!

  • blanche

    Diana, you’re right. I didn’t want to be unpolite, I like her and I think she can improve and become a great model. But everyone who works in fashion could tell you the same things I wrote. However I knew her and I can say that she’s a very nice and kind girl, so I wish her all the best. :)

  • thea Holsten

    She is e real beauty :D Inside outside. jupp. love u !

  • Akira Mercier

    I’m pretty definitely sure that I want to marry her.

  • Akira Mercier

    @ Blanche… A couple of pounds? Really? I don’t know anything about modeling but she looks pretty good to me lol.

  • me

    She has attended the same school as me, really beautiful:)

  • Joe Desy

    She is very striking and natural, but either too serious, sad, empty, sullen, mysterious, even angry in some of these photos. I would love to see one or more photos showing her smile. It doesn’t have to be ear to ear, but just a bit of the Mona Lisa would improve any photo for me. Why do such beautiful models seem to always look so miserable? Don’t they get paid enough?

  • Me

    Haha she’s in my class, I just got shown this by a friend and I totally shat bricks.

  • Sean

    Fuck me, H-O-fuckin’-T!