Daily Duo: Kid



Kid A has arrived! Born in Siberia, this Russian/German discovery is now based in Hamburg. After a year of careful development, Kid’s strong sophisticated looks and quiet, smoldering intensity has his agency Place Models fielding calls from clients and predicting big, big things. Definitely a boy with serious blue chip, luxe appeal, we say it’s only a matter of time. Here’s looking at you, Kid!


Full Name:
Kid Alexandrovich

Light Brown
188cm / 6′2″

Place of Origin:
Kemerovo, Russia

Date of Birth:
September 1


Mother Agency
Place Models

Elite Milan

  • kelly

    Another great model! from the best Place ;-) place..

  • bibo

    He’s the guy next to Iris Strubegger in the new issue of The Room magazine!
    I love him!!!!

  • Susana

    Oh wow!
    Love the digitals

  • George

    Perfect for Paris!

  • Looks a little like Nils Butler to me. Not bad. (Seriously, though, the name?)

  • Lala


    Lips need some moisture, don’t forget it Kid!


    beautiful!!eyes! BUT HE MUST TO WORK ON THE PHOTO AS A MODEL, BE MORE NATURAL !!!and he will be a very good model in the future! DON T BE BORING ON THE PHOTO -MORE ENERGY!

  • Bubble But!

    I know this Kid he is amazing and has a bright future in the industry for sure.
    One to keep your eyes on for the coming shows! Great find!!!

  • omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. THE NEXT BIG THING

  • in industry are a lot more like him … we will see ..

  • Nely

    Nice profile,strong eyes,looks a bit like mat Gordon!

  • Nastya

    Красивая модель)

  • Kitterrrr


  • Love his eyes!! He could seriously be the next big STAR!

  • Can’t wait to start..

  • xOxO

    great guy, he will make his way!!!
    like his lips and his nose.
    We will see more about him definitely !!!

  • rach

    he’s totally gorgeous.. lovely, glowy skin and amaaazing cheekbones. here’s to seeing him indeed!

  • Great look for editorial, Vman, Uomo Vogue, Numero, you name it

  • Parker Pembroke-Lloyd

    Yes, agree with Blake. This guy can do any editorial.
    Very commercial look and yes, prob more Paris than anything, but
    he’d do well anywhere.
    Best of luck, Kid!

  • I know you kid you fav sport girl

  • tuba

    i wish i knew what kinda girls they like! *-*

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