Gret Mateides, 170 cm / 5’7″, Russian, born July 1st.


From the far flung Russian town of Arkhangelsk, post-Soviet sweetheart Gret has an angelic face with extraordinary angles and a sprinkling of freckles. At 5ft 7in, Gret is shorter than average, but her luminosity and gamine spirit resonate so strongly that her appeal can’t be ignored by the major markets. From her cool blue eyes and cupid’s bow lips to her pointed chin and elegantly long neck, Gret is a truly modern miss, though her beauty has a somewhat retro vibe, harking back to decades past when life’s pursuits were simpler. With interests ranging from 16th-18th Century academic art to hardcore gigs and British post-punk, Gret has a year left in school but is eager to leave Arkhangelsk for greener pastures. Offbeat yet on point, Gret is a girl for the ages.


Lumpen (Russia – mother agency)