Alessio “Alexiey” Barbaro, 186 cm / 6’1″, Russian/Italian, born May 23rd.


Russian/Italian guy Alexiey has got a whole lotta look going on. With his haunting handsomeness, Alexey has an awkward elegance that truly makes him stand out from the crowd. A little Adrien Brody, a lot Vincent Cassel circa La Haine, this bello chelovek is definitely editorial gold. Which is not dismissing a presence on the catwalk – Alexiey is high fashion runway, all the way! A fan of Italian melodic music and glam rock, talented pianist Alexiey draws his sartorial inspiration from Queen, and dreams of eventually becoming an actor and/or singer. In development in Italy since being scouted on the Milanese metro train by a scout from 3mmodels, Alexiey will be off to London and Paris once he completes his studies. And we’re excited about what this bohemian boy will do once he breaks free!


3mmodels (London – mother agency)
Wonderwall (Milan)