Daily Duo: Mark H.



Scouted in Montreal after a busy night dancing in clubs, Mark was surprised to be discovered whilst eating french fries at 3am. Now forging an international career, he’s recently walked for Armani, Galliano, and Pringle of Scotland. His clean cut, All (North) American is perfect for the catwalk but also sizzling in print… and did we mention his buff body? Definitely a guy to keep an eye out for!


Full Name:
Mark Herron

188cm / 6′2″

Place of Origin:
Montreal, Canada

Date of Birth:
March 17 1991


Mother Agency
Dulcedo Model Management


Nathalie Models

d’management group


Elmer Olsen Model Management

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  • Ron

    This is the kind of hottie that Bruce Weber used to discover in the late 70s and would subsequently appear EVERYWHERE and then be featured on the cover of GQ. A superstar is born!

  • He could definitely be either in Ralph Lauren Ad or Abercrombie Ad. xoxoxoxoxo

  • adsfjl

    I feel like a lot of the pics on these new model features are almost naked these days

  • Matimus

    Buff? He is in good shape, but is our view so skewed that we view 150 lbs, maybe 160 (apx) at 6’2 buff?

  • _YBEE

    He’s handsome . :) I want to see more of him.

  • judith

    No Hay Una agencia en Colombia ….
    Por Que me encantaria saber en Que parte estan las agencias de modelaje.
    en que parte de Colombia saber donde estan Las Oficinas.
    GRACIAS POR msn enviados.y espero una respuesta.chaooo que tenga buen dia

  • fashiontaste

    HE S INCREDIBLE!!!!! wow, he can do GQ, Ralph lauren, numero and many other big brands, this guy is ROCKING! hope to see more from him really really soon! really Nice found!

  • kiwi

    he is pretty! upper side really hot, but leggies oh well! Needs more meat.. he looks very standard.. not my thing tho.. In a couple of years.. hottie!

  • Alessandra

    Im eternally amazed by how the industry can take a relatively average looking model and turn them into a “demanded” superstar over night. Honestly, looking at the candids I wouldnt look twice at this guy if I saw him walking down the street. So it’s fascinating to view his transformation into a “hunk” in the pro shots.

  • Lala

    Go Canadians!

  • i love his jaw! and go canada :) im born on canada day and am a canadian :)

  • boys next door is the look these days

  • Nice model !!


  • John B

    I went out with this guy to a bar in Paris, he taught me the greatest chat up line he knew but wouldn’t let me buy him a drink… one of the few suave gentlemen left.

    p.s. Daddy’s home…