Having spent the last year or so developing her style whilst working in Asia, Mayya is now ready for the rest of the world. Signed to Elite in NY and Milan and Angels in Paris, Mayya’s soft, romantic beauty translates perfectly from the Asian market to the fashion capitals. Tall, elegant, and sophisticated beyond her years, Mayya’s star is rising.


Full Name:
Mayya Skripchenko

Light Brown
180cm / 5′11″
80 cm / 31.5″
60 cm / 23.5″
89 cm / 35″

Place of Origin:

Date of Birth:
February 19


Mother Agency:
Figaro International Management Group

One Management


Traffic Models

  • Simbli

    I liker her on the 2nd picture so much!… but the others are very classic and normal.. nothing special at all I think…

  • Delicate ang sweet.

  • She’s still so young, but without any doubt. PROMISING

  • Lala

    Yay an Uzbek girl! Very pretty and she’s and Aquarius! <3

  • Not really convinced by the shape of her face/eyes… without right hairstyle or make-up she’s nothing special, but with she’s kind of good.
    PS btw… mmmm, let me count… 9th pic really lovely… :)

  • Erika

    Striking, great height…. lots of potential

  • I like ! very beautiful
    really.. 1995?

  • lisa t

    i’d move in with her!

  • Natasha K

    NIce…but maybe just another pretty face for runway? Maybe not…like her height.

  • adsfjl

    The first few pics remind me of Scarlett Johansson

  • Alisa Matviychuk look alike?
    she’ll do wonders, i imagine.

  • MartaHale

    Love the first photo !
    She’s so young , wow …

  • HH

    I think she’s pretty with or without make up. And at such a young age. So tall too.

  • jenna

    It’s so hard to tell with girls that are this young. She’s gorgeous and has a great look but we still don’t know if she can actually transition emotion into her photos and really model. Give her a few years?

  • Sveta

    She’s not Uzbek, judging by her name -Ukranian. Being from Uzbekistan myself, I’m very proud girls are making it internationally(there were several from Figaro Models already featured on this site)

  • KJ

    Beautiful. Super young, so there’s a lot going for her. Wish I was in her shoes!

  • Incredible face. Shes like the next Darla Baker. Adorable.


    She was spotted in Singapore :

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