Discovered while riding the tube, Sacha is breathtaking. This French/Senegalese thought that the photographer chasing him was police, so stopped jogging and surrendered! The rest of the story is pure chance and happenstance… Sacha walked into the wrong agency, and was immediately signed with Select. This semi-pro footballer has shot for Gap, American Eagle, Stone Island, Arena Homme Plus and GQ Style. We are in love with his subtle beauty.


Full Name:
Sacha M’baye

188cm / 6′2″

Place of Origin:

Date of Birth:
March 20 1990


Mother Agency
Select Model Management

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  • Hey how you doing,hpoe you well…My name is Siphosethu but people call me sethu and pronounce it like Se2, Im all the wayy from Africa-South Africa and I happened to come across this website while reseaching for my assignment. I love this picture in particular because Im also a model and we just recently did a foto shoot at a deserted railway station.Anyway just want to wish you luck in your modelling career and a job well done!!

  • Lee

    Beautiful and sexy!

  • hot

  • A little like Nate Gill, but maybe hotter with the scar on his cheek (like Axel Brorson).Definitely good looking.

  • Tommy Fields

    This boy looks great. Diversity is finally coming to fashion..

  • Nigel S.

    He’s beautiful! Such lovely lips.
    He possesses quite the ethereal presence, doesn’t he?!
    Fashion is made to be worn by models such as this.
    He naturally embodies the form of each look, but something burning from within him gives each look such vitality. The clothing is almost alive.
    Kudos to the photographer/s!

  • miracle

    3 x hot!

  • Shanila

    Omgoshhh….my dream guy.thank youu :)

  • grace for face

    Hes great!

    But you can find 50 of them in NY

  • mmmonte

    gosh he’s cute

  • Julia

    grace for face: no offense, but why would he shoot american eagle or gap if you find 50 of him in NY? Sacha is unique.

  • Nigel S.

    I think that Grace for Face may have been excercising a bit of bias, if I am not mistaken hence the additional NY reference. He obviously has a unique presence, beyond his exterior.. though, apparently not that obvious to some..
    Out of general curiosity, Grace for you say the same when there is a caucasian male model with looks that are a dime-a-dozen?

  • HH

    He’s handsome. Love his face!

  • poo

    He’s incredibly handsome and has a cool presence.

  • Blue

    Like a mixture of nate gill and marcus lloyd

  • There’s a bright future ahead for this guy!

  • Mario T


  • lovemodels

    HOT MAMA!!

  • There’s something about him in which he exudes a sexiness and chill vibe! Much success and stay strong Sacha

  • l.o.v.e

    OMG! I knew I had seen his face somewhere!!! Is girlfriend goes to my university ( sussex university) often saw them on the train. The dude seems so down to earth