Joana Ogura, 178 cm / 5’10”, Portuguese, born February 16th.


Joana’s stern beauty really packs a wallop. Born in Portugal, but with German/Japanese heritage, Joana is the very definition of what we hope is fashion’s new normal – diverse, different, and mind blowingly gorgeous. Discovered 6 months ago whilst accompanying her father to a casting for a TV commercial, Joana was snapped up by Lisbon agency We Are Models. Still in school where she earns high grades, Joana is multilingual (fluent in Portuguese, Japanese, German, Spanish and English) and keeps fit by competing in triathlons. Despite loving the music of Rod Stewart and Justin Bieber, Joana has a hard edged, urban chic that reverberates a cool and uniquely elegant aura – this girl is thoroughly modern, and embodies the future of fashion.


We Are Models (Lisboa – mother agency)