Forget coffee and cigarettes – Ian is all about coffee and cameras! Along with the prerequisite high cheeks bones of a male model, Ian also has just the right amount of offbeat appeal. The absolute antithesis of muscle-bound, this is a guy with a lithe sophistication but also a sweet innocence. A vintage camera collector and coffee connoisseur with a zeal for photography, Ian’s beauty will place him firmly on the other side of the lens for the moment.


Full Name:
Ian Reid

188cm / 6′2″

Place of Origin:
Vancouver, Canada

Date of Birth:
June 15 1986


Mother Agency
Liz Bell Agency

  • Donnie

    Beautiful boy!

  • A real fashion model

  • jluc

    Looks great in portfolio shots, but not so much in polaroids… I think.
    And I find him too “lithe” for his age.
    But coffee and camera… gee, he must be interesting.

  • Great face for modeling. I’d like to see some smiling ones too.

  • ErikaK

    Okay, but after seeing “Miles” from the Tuesday, 3/30 Daily Duo, this kid seems bland and boring. Miles represents the trend that male modeling should take. Ian R. just looks like an andogynous schoolboy.

  • S.

    I don’t think we should compare this gut to the last one featured in this web. I mean, they are two extremely different things.
    I think Miles was breathtaking, and I’m sure he’ll do amazing, but I wouldn’t take him for one of my shows, because I prefer guys that are a little shorter and more “schoolboy” looking.
    Of course, I’m very happy that not everybody is taking the same kind of guy, I love diversity in modeling (despite the fact that they all have good bone structures and long limbs : P). And just like I tend to book guys like Callum Wilson, or Alex Néstor, there are designers that like models that are more toned up, or more classic looking, or whatever.
    Anyway, focusing on the guy posted up there, I think he is nice. His bone structure is flawless and his jaw line is very nice. His nose is just beautifully defined and I think he looks interesting in camera.
    I think he is a good mid-point between classic and avant-garde, and he reminds me of Johannes Niermann, who took over Milan last season. So he might have a big shot at this!
    Good luck Ian!

  • If the band members from Franz Ferdinand were to be replaced by models you’d be hoping Ian could sing.
    He’s so alternative, yet traditionally good looking.

    He’ll go far!

  • claude r. simard

    So handsome! Congratulations!Claude

  • Fashionista

    nowadays i’m so worry,many male models scout when they are too young,i think 20 is the best age for male model to start,but 17-19 not sure
    he will go very far indeed!

  • aspoon

    he is so pale looking model,
    i like it, i think model with really pale skin
    look really nice, they just look like so cold type,
    love ian r, got the face structure and i think
    his eyes is beautiful,

    this is another beautiful model:)

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