Michelle is the latest German fraulein to catch our eye. We’ve already dipped into her family gene pool, featuring her brother Marc earlier this year. Fabulous bone structure and a sophistication far beyond her sixteen years puts Michelle up there on our ‘must watch’ list.


Full Name:
Michelle Weissmann

177cm / 5′9.5″
82 cm / 32″
61 cm / 24″
88 cm / 34.5″

Place of Origin:

Date of Birth:
March 25 1993


Mother Agency:
SMC Model Management

Marilyn Model Mgmt

Marilyn Agency

Union Models

  • She’s pretty interesting. Liker her last works and snaps. There will be a nice future in front of her.

  • amelie

    i like her look but in almost all her pics her mouth is slightly open

  • stace

    Definitely has great bone structure. Reminds me of the Renaissance period for some reason. Like her.

  • great bone structure, I believe a brighter hair tone would be a plus. I agree with the other comment her mouth slightly opened in all her pictures and it’s works in some pictures but it makes her look very sleepy.

  • Kenta

    “Fabulous” bone structure…really?

  • Great look!

  • Lauryn

    She is pretty, but she only has one look

  • Yulun

    i like her. the only thing that i don’t like is that she uses the same face in each photo and with the mouth open she looks a bit weird i think? like her more when her mouth is closed :3
    btw the model next to her is beautiful too! what’s her name? :P

  • Lovely!

  • Michelle is epicly beautiful i noticed that mouth thing also but remember she’s really young just started out and i guess will improve in this way, soon!

  • She’s amazing!!!! <3

  • AJ

    the other model is alwina kowa,also got featured on some weeks ago…
    Michelle is fabulous, and u will be suprised,cause shes super blonde at the moment lookin even more GORGEOUS! u will find new pics of her next week monday on ;-)

  • AJ


  • I cant wait to see her new hair colour <3

  • Sigrún

    Lovely bone structure – especially the profile. Love her chin and long neck, but I agree that she should close her mouth. And I’d like to see more life in her eyes, although I think the dazed look looks good in some of the pictures. I agree with Stace, she does have a Renaissance look. I love that.

  • this girl is beautiful shes like an angel her eyes are amazing and i bet if she would smile more she would be breaking hearts

  • AJ

    look how blonde and amazing she is…

  • AJ

    reminds me of constanze jablonski now,but stronger I think!

  • she does ONE look every picture,,needs some coaching

  • AJ

    she is learning…WOW, look at those!

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