Daily Duo: Elodie



Beguiling beauty Elodie was introduced to the fashion world through a family friend, a booker at Karin Models Paris. This new girl is reminiscent of two of our favourite iconic 60’s sirens, Françoise Hardy and France Gall. Elodie is an intriguing mix of ingenue and enchantress. A total baby top!


Full Name:
Elodie Mussard

Light Brown
173cm / 5′8.5″
85 cm / 33.5″
65 cm / 25.5″
87 cm / 34.5″

Place of Origin:

Date of Birth:
February 17 1994


Mother Agency:
Karin Paris

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  • Eamon

    Wow – I’m in love! A tad short but at 16 she may still grow a bit?

    There’s something very movie star about her

  • She’s cute, but at the same time strong. She has great lips + a nice faceshape. Would like to see more of her

  • What a beauty!


  • Elvire

    ELODIE MUSSARD …what a beauty, GOSH!

  • She has the ability to to be different people and different ages, depending on the pose and dress. This is a great quality to have. Beautiful girl!

  • Stunning!!!!!

  • Beautiful, but a model??? There seems to be a lot of tension in her mouth…

  • Laura

    I love her! Magnifique eyes!

  • ErikaK

    She’s really gorgeous……. great eyes!

  • Francois

    I’m not that impressed…

  • She is not short at all! in fact i my opinion is that as long you have a strong face or something “it” you can never be too short. take for example Kate Moss 5’6 or Amanda Nørgaard 5’7 both shorter then usual but as susses full or more then model “with the real high 5’10 5’11”.. anyway i think she is amazing

  • piwi

    beauty.. she looks so french so chic

  • she luks like one of classmates……i like her….best of luck….

  • her eyes! what a beautiful girl.. Good luck Elodie, i’m sure we’ll see you ‘around’

  • adsfjl

    Interesting! There’s something about her mouth that I like.

  • Especially with her hair out of her face a bit–she’s stunning! A real potential star- so long as they don’t try to make her look like someone she isn’t. She has a terrific, elegant face, which must be accentuated. She’s not the kind of girl that can be turned into just another runway clone, you know?

  • ;lkj

    she is very pretty but her snap shots are a lot more inspiring than her other photos.
    its the same face in every picture. a pretty face but its gonna get boring quick

  • olivia

    Beautiful girl! This might sound crazy, but I think she bears a very slight Jonathan Rhys Meyers resemblance.

  • Kenta

    I prefer her profile to the straight-on shots. 1st photo is beautiful.

  • Maike

    she’s a pretty girl i guess

  • Xavier

    She has striking features with beautiful, piercing blue eyes. She is hauntingly beautiful.

  • HH

    I’m totally in love with her. She is so beautiful! Her mouth is unique.

  • Captivating eyes….Nice work

  • anna

    Oh, she is sooo beautiful!! i like her a lot

  • Nelka

    I know here, it’s a friend of mine ;) She is so beautifoul !!

  • buci

    …LOVE the first pic!
    …she reminde me of a young actress-Isabelle Adjani.
    ..beautifull lips & eyes.

  • Wissam

    She’s very cute.. Btw she is my girlfriend, and not only her face is beautiful, nice and cute, but also her soul and character!