Daily Duo: Jannis



Clean, crisp lines and a patrician presence result in Jannis’ quiet yet striking beauty. A student of architecture from Hanover, Jannis has the type of look that could easily fit any high fashion editorial, catwalk or campaign out there. Another great find from Germany’s newest agency Quantum 7 Model Management!


Full Name:
Jannis Bruns

Light Brown
185cm / 6′1.5″

Place of Origin:
Hanover, Germany

Date of Birth:
September 8 1986


Mother Agency
Quantum 7 Model Management

Major Paris

Joy Models

FM Agency

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  • coco

    im speechless I love him.. I wish more people looked like that in here in France… lol I need to go to Germany!!!!

  • guilherme

    i like his looks but i am not sure about that hair

  • Alessafan

    He looks like Iris Strubegger :S I don’t quite love him…

  • katha

    yeah…and hopefully he becomes a topmodel like Iris ;) I wish him all the best! He is a real fashion beauty!!!

  • pauls

    “Jannis” that´s a really cool name for a guy! I like Jannis but the way his hair is done makes him look older.

  • ErikaK

    Very elegant, but just not sure about this one….. kind of “heroin chic” and different-looking.

  • jason

    He’s absolutely gorgeous. I love his skin color. Germany has such beautiful men; makes me proud to be German.

  • i like his looks

  • safin

    His mother is Greek