Currently completing his final school exams, this summer will see Filip pack away the books and hit the catwalk and editorial full time. With boyish innocence, deep green eyes and a hint of insouciance, Filip is a quiet storm brewing on the model horizon.


Full Name:
Filip Grudzewski

Dark Brown
188cm / 6′2″

Place of Origin:
Wroclaw, Poland

Date of Birth:
November 12 1991


Mother Agency
AMQ Models

2morrow model

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  • Rodrigo Pedro

    Lindas fotos. Parabéns para fotógrafo e modelo.

  • annelise

    he looks very familiar..maybe like another model ive seen

    but he is gorgeous!!

  • Nice fashionmodel

  • Very marketable look.

  • Natalia

    wow, nice colouring.

  • beautiful guy

  • super good looking young man we need to see more

  • super good looking young man we need to see more!

  • jluc

    Lighting in portfolio shots are great.
    Makes me wonder: why do some people still comment how ‘beautiful’ or ‘gorgeous’ someone feature here is… yeah, in case you’ve forgotten, this is

  • aamir khan

    simply good

  • Anna

    I personally don`t think he is special. He has a great side profile but if you look at his Polaroid dead on, it looks weird.I think he is also too skinny.
    He has a great jaw line and his eyebrows and eyes are beautiful.

  • nat

    he looks really good!

  • Michael

    Brawo Filip, Pozdrawiamy!

  • tony

    I wonder if he got his haircut in Poland, lol.

  • guilherme

    i really like :D

  • Parker Pembroke-Lloyd

    …Tony, that was mean, snobbish and sooooooo cliche’. You can get a cr*p haircut anywhere, even in NYC ( and you’ll pay 10 time more, but same result! )
    I agree, he’s got a very marketable look, love him in the B/W white shirt shot.
    Best of luck, Filip!

  • tony

    …Tony, that was mean, snobbish and sooooooo cliche’ I love clicheees, and used to us a lot when photographing models. I’ve got a friend from Poland, she tells me how bad the food is in the UK..not very fresh. It’s no wonder he’s got a good complexion.

  • mila

    woah grudzewski, ale masz fanów ;D

  • beansy

    He looks to young to be 18!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Johanne

    Piękny, bo Polak !;DD
    Życzę udanej kariery !!! ;))

  • Lou

    You can follow him on Twitter!!/filipgrudzewski
    and ‘Like it!’ his agency on Facebook!