Daily Duo: Filip G.



Currently completing his final school exams, this summer will see Filip pack away the books and hit the catwalk and editorial full time. With boyish innocence, deep green eyes and a hint of insouciance, Filip is a quiet storm brewing on the model horizon.


Full Name:
Filip Grudzewski

Dark Brown
188cm / 6′2″

Place of Origin:
Wroclaw, Poland

Date of Birth:
November 12 1991


Mother Agency
AMQ Models

2morrow model

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  • Rodrigo Pedro

    Lindas fotos. Parabéns para fotógrafo e modelo.

  • annelise

    he looks very familiar..maybe like another model ive seen

    but he is gorgeous!!

  • Nice fashionmodel


  • Very marketable look.

  • Natalia

    wow, nice colouring.

  • beautiful guy

  • super good looking young man we need to see more http://www.cwtalent.com

  • super good looking young man we need to see more!

  • jluc

    Lighting in portfolio shots are great.
    Makes me wonder: why do some people still comment how ‘beautiful’ or ‘gorgeous’ someone feature here is… yeah, in case you’ve forgotten, this is MODELS.com

  • aamir khan

    simply good

  • Anna

    I personally don`t think he is special. He has a great side profile but if you look at his Polaroid dead on, it looks weird.I think he is also too skinny.
    He has a great jaw line and his eyebrows and eyes are beautiful.

  • nat

    he looks really good!

  • Michael

    Brawo Filip, Pozdrawiamy!

  • tony

    I wonder if he got his haircut in Poland, lol.

  • guilherme

    i really like :D

  • Parker Pembroke-Lloyd

    …Tony, that was mean, snobbish and sooooooo cliche’. You can get a cr*p haircut anywhere, even in NYC ( and you’ll pay 10 time more, but same result! )
    I agree, he’s got a very marketable look, love him in the B/W white shirt shot.
    Best of luck, Filip!

  • tony

    …Tony, that was mean, snobbish and sooooooo cliche’ I love clicheees, and used to us a lot when photographing models. I’ve got a friend from Poland, she tells me how bad the food is in the UK..not very fresh. It’s no wonder he’s got a good complexion.

  • mila

    woah grudzewski, ale masz fanów ;D

  • beansy

    He looks to young to be 18!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Johanne

    Piękny, bo Polak !;DD
    Życzę udanej kariery !!! ;))

  • Lou

    You can follow him on Twitter!
    and ‘Like it!’ his agency on Facebook!