Daily Duo: Wael



The French have so much to celebrate – great food, fine wines, fabulous fashion, and the latest French discovery is Wael. Spotted on Facebook by German stylist Ingo Nahrwold, Wael was soon brought to the attention of Rodger at Major Paris. Took only a haircut and some digitals to reveal Wael’s incredibly chiseled features and intense profile, and then he was shooting for Another Man (with Serge Leblon), as well as Tetu and Ponytail magazines. What’s left to say? Vive la France!


Full Name:

Light Brown
185cm / 6′1″

Place of Origin:
Lyon, France

Date of Birth:
June 25 1990


Mother Agency
Major Paris

Premier Model Management

VIVA Models Berlin

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  • The Zohan

    I see the french in him but he looks more russian to me.

  • candice

    hmm..another matvey?? but yea he looks russia

  • jluc

    Nah, he looks French enough.
    And they say he was discovered through Facebook? Sacre Dieu! I’m out to make myself a more wicked Facebook profile.

  • cool pics… and he looks human…

  • Stasja

    Прикольне фото :) (Nice face)

  • Heidi

    Hello, i have already worked with Waël, I am 1’85 and he was taller than me so.. That hot French cannot be 1’85 :-)

  • candice

    whats his last name??

  • Facebook? You can’t be serious lol!!

  • Ariann

    If you know the right people, have the right look, and have talent, you can go far.

  • Carl

    I love it that he has hazel eyes. Hazel are really rare, I have them too and love it when people keep staring to see what kind of eye colour I have. When I say what colour it is they just keep on staring.

  • Josy

    I saw him in London!!! I know he goes alot at Sketch! XXXXXXXX

  • Alicia

    move up move up flabbergasted boy get your rank up soonnn! <3

  • Rose

    Sorry he’s not French. French folks dont like using non-french names (its is unbeoming as a French citizen to do so). wael is an old arab name. He actually looks like he could very much be Algerian. in any event he fits the bill for an Arab.