London looker Jay is a bit of a wild child! This much traveled anthropology student has led an interesting life and it’s about to get a whole lot more exciting. A former member of a metal band, he’s recently shot for Wonderland with Roger Rich. Jay’s style and charisma speaks for itself – keep a keen eye on this boy.


Full Name:
Jay H.

Dark Brown
185cm / 6′1″

Place of Origin:

Date of Birth:
June 29 1989


Mother Agency

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  • The Zohan

    woah thats cool his nose looks a lot like mine in all of the good pictures at least. Another model to add to the list of ashes and coles haha good looking guy no doubt.

  • Parker Pembroke-Lloyd

    …great face, expressive, contemporary, current. Love it.
    Not keen on his earlobes though, unless doing a catwalk/photo shoot for Gareth Pugh or les Hommes.
    Best of luck, dude!

  • Crouxi

    Cafuçu Feelings!!!

  • Xin

    hubba hubba

  • Ariann

    A manlier Josh Beech?

    They shouldn’t edit out his freckle on his nose: it gives him uniqueness and character!

  • Annaella

    What a coincidence, he’s got ‘Aequitas’ on his arm, I got it on my wrist.

  • haley

    most beautiful man on the planet.